BJP’s booth incharges come centre stage as campaign ends in Uttar Pradesh
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With the campaigning coming to an end on Saturday evening in Varanasi district, BJP’s booth committees started focussing on voter management and are working to ensure maximum turnout on the polling day.

Within the BJP organisation, the main task of the booth committees is to ensure the delivery of “parchi” (voter’s slip) to every voter in their areas, within 36 hours of the end of campaigning. The district’s eight assembly constituencies – Varanasi South, Varanasi Cantt, Varanasi North, Sewapuri, Rohania, Ajgara, Pindara and Shivpur – will go to polls on Monday.

“I have just returned home after attending Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s public meeting. All booth committee functionaries will gather in the locality to ensure delivery of voter’s slips to everyone in our area,” said Anurag Kushwaha, who heads the booth committee of booth number 199 in the Shivpur assembly seat.

“My booth has around 1,400 voters. One panna pramukh (page in-charge) remains in regular touch with at least 60 voters in my area. We contact every voter before the polling and ensure the delivery of voter’s slip,” Kushwaha said.

At booth number 384 of the Sewapuri assembly constituency, Shiv Kumar Rajbhar heads the committee. Like Kushwaha, he also attended PM Modi’s public meeting in Varanasi. “My booth has around 850 voters. Most of them are Rajbhars and SC voters,” he said. According to him, booth functionaries would deliver the slips starting Saturday evening.

The second task for the booth functionaries is ensuring maximum turnout of voters at their booths.

“Booth functionaries play an important role to connect the voters with the BJP organisation. They are the eyes and ears of the party on the polling day. They provide feedback about the party’s performance at their booth after the polling,” a party insider in Varanasi told ET.

According to him, booths are placed under three categories. “The booths where the party is sure to maintain a considerable lead are under the ‘A’ category. Such booths where the party is facing a tough contest is under the ‘B’ category. ‘C’ category booths are where the party is weak,” he said.

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