Trump says he feels “terribly for anyone who goes through that,” in response to question about Jacob Blake

President Trump said he feels “terribly for anybody who goes through that,” when asked what his message was for the family of Jacob Blake, as he spoke at a roundtable in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“I feel terribly for anybody that goes through that, that’s why we’re so honored to meet the pastors,” Trump said. “I feel terribly for anybody that goes through that. As you know, it’s under investigation.”  

“It’s a big thing happening right now,” he continued, “I guess it’s under a local investigation. I know, Bill, you’re also participating,” he said to Attorney General William Barr. 

“I hope they come up with the right answer,” Trump said. “It’s a complicated subject, to be honest with you. But I feel terribly for anybody who has to go through – and I didn’t get to speak to the mother, I hear she’s a fine woman. I hear from the pastor, a really fine woman. But you can see when I spoke with the pastors – I see exactly what it is and they understand where I am.”

Some context: It was the first time the President himself talked about Blake’s shooting during the roundtable. He repeatedly addressed people whose businesses were impacted by protests and pledged his support for law enforcement, but never once addressed police brutality, other than to again voice support for officers who “choke” and kill someone unnecessarily. 

It wasn’t until more than 30 minutes into the event that someone in the room mentioned Blake by name – when a pastor said he continued to “pray for Jacob’s healing.” 

The President never acknowledged that comment. 

The only condemnation Trump made was to “condemn the dangerous anti-police rhetoric,” despite the fact that an armed supporter of the President, reportedly acting as a vigilante, allegedly killed two people on the streets of Kenosha during the protests.  

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