Queueing chaos outside Cop26 venue as leaders arrive – live

Miliband said he is “glad” the prime minister has acknowledged how difficult a successful outcome will be at Cop26, but wished Boris Johnson’s realisation had occurred sooner.

Ed Miliband said: “The prime minister has finally woken up to how difficult this is, but I wish he’d woken up two years ago, not two days before the summit begins.

“There’s a real sense with the prime minister that he does these things at the last minute – lastminute.gov, essay-crisis prime minister.

“You can’t do that with Cop26, it’s too important and too complex a negotiation.”

He added: “We are a long way away from where we need to be – his job now is to put pressure on all the big emitters, the Australias, the Chinas and others, to say: ‘You’ve got to step up and do more’.”

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