Has racism in the UK changed between 2016 and 2020?

Nesta McGregor investigated what was behind the Black Lives Matter protests that took place across Britain in 2016, asking why some black people in the UK still felt racism affected them every day. Sound familiar in 2020?

In this documentary, made four years ago, Nesta travels the country speaking to young black people and draws on his own personal experiences of growing up in the UK.

He meets Benathi who helped organise some of the marches – she feels she has been discriminated against, in the past, at work because of her afro hair-style and Jen, a law graduate, who thinks it takes a while to sink in that people may treat you differently because you’re black.

Nesta also goes back to the council estate where he grew up to find out whether black people should be doing more to help themselves as well as highlighting inequalities.

This film was first broadcast in October 2016.

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