Covid live: Jonathan Van-Tam warns of ‘bumpy few months ahead’ as boosters recommended for over-40s in UK

The UK Covid programme is evolving as the data evolves, with further evolutionary steps announced today. And this is how we go forwards. Wait for the data. Move the dial, wait again for more data ,move the dial. Develop confidence and certainty with every step.

People keep asking me about Christmas. I think for Christmas and the winter period, we can expect respiratory viruses to be around and we are particularly concerned that flu will come back and cause us problems, and it could be quite a bumpy few months ahead.

But everyone has a key role to play in achieving as safe and disruption free winter as possible.

Wear face coverings in crowded places if it is practical to do so. Increase indoor ventilation whenever you can. Make sure you are vaccinated. And like any medicine, make sure you finish the course. And when you are called for your booster, please come forward so that we as a whole UK can get on and finish this job.

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