Covid live: Germany to join other countries in restricting travel from South Africa over new variant fears

It has mutations consistent with the Delta variant, which does spread more quickly, but transmissibility and spread is not just as simple as this amino acid does this or this does that, it’s more like a team on things. So you can sometimes have the mutations all together but they won’t be effective as a team. It looks like it spreads more quickly but we do not know that.

If it spreads more quickly then yes it will get here [to the UK], the travel ban will delay its arrival but if it spreads more quickly the lesson has surely been from all the variants we’ve seen before that it will get here eventually.

We shouldn’t despair, vaccines will be effective, so if you haven’t had your vaccine go and get it, be that the booster, the first dose, the second dose.

Secondly there are new medicines coming along. These will not be affected almost certainly by this mutation. We have got much better at controlling the disease in other ways in hospital so it is bad news but it is not doomsday.

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