Coronavirus live news: Germany restricts travel from India ; children ‘left behind’ in vaccine trials, says UK expert

I’m a paediatrician, and in my normal life, I spend my time doing vaccine trials in children, and children are very much prioritised for most vaccines, so it’s a very weird and unusual situation we’re in now because I and other colleagues have spent the last year doing vaccine trials in adults and mostly in older adults, because of the nature of the problems that Covid presents.

So the children have really got very much left behind in this programme because the children, for the most part, have not been affected by Covid in any serious way.

Very, very small numbers of children have been seriously affected, but we’re impatient now to get on and do the necessary trials in children so that these vaccines can start to be used, and actually circumstances are holding us back, so it is a very frustrating situation to be in.”

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