Biden to visit UK on first overseas trip and meet PM he once called a Trump clone – live

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Joe Biden’s first overseas trip as president will be to Britain and then Belgium this June in what the White House is calling “a commitment to restoring our alliances” and “revitalizing the transatlantic relationship”, without adding “after the disruptive presidency of Donald Trump”.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki did not confirm earlier today whether Biden will meet with Queen Elizabeth II, but the UK’s Sunday Times said (note: paywalled article) in January that that was the plan, when it pointed out that”

The Queen will lead a post-Brexit charm offensive by hosting Joe Biden and other world leaders at Buckingham Palace before the G7 summit in Cornwall in June.

She will be joined at the “soft power” reception in June by the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge under plans being drawn up by royal and government officials to cement the “special relationship” between the UK and America…..the Queen has met every US president since the start of her reign in 1952 [not a typo], except Lyndon Johnson.

#PresidentJoeBiden is coming to #Cornwall for #G7 and will be holding bi-laterals, including with #BorisJohnson. Then to #Belgium to talk to #NATO /#EU.
So far- he only meets PM once. Anyone implying any big deal about this is vis a vis UK is

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Deb Haaland noted at a White House press conference earlier, in what is National Park Week, that “I always wanted to be a National Park ranger.”

Deb Haaland Is Plowing Ahead With Tackling Violence Against Native Women | Via Huffpost

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