Australia politics live: NSW minister tests positive to Covid and state parliament delayed

It emphasises how dangerous this Delta virus is. I received – during the night, I was due to do a range of TV interviews this morning, you included – and I was advised when I woke up at about 5.30, there was a text message that had come in sometime during the night – to be honest, I haven’t worked that out yet – telling me that a case had been detected as a likely positive, and that I was a possible close contact. That’s still being worked through.

And Health asked me to obviously be cautious until Health were able to give me further advice. So, yeah, I think it’s a message to everybody.

If the New South Wales health minister can get a text message during the night and wakes up to that, then obviously we all have a serious issue at the moment with this Delta virus.

And so I’m unable to – and I apologise to you and to your viewers – that I just couldn’t do it at this stage. But, look, I’m available to talk and not suffering any symptoms.

So, I just want to stress that it was to do with my workplace, obviously, New South Wales parliament.

And the location and details will be no doubt worked on by New South Wales Health this morning. But I’m quite confident that the majority of people in the New South Wales parliament will be either no contact or casual contacts, so that won’t be a major issue.

But certainly from my point of view, I was identified as a possible close contact, and I believe that was after an interview that occurred with a person who may be positive, and they’re just working through those issues.

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