Australia news live updates: Senate inquiry probes Beetaloo Basin fracking plans; 12 Covid deaths recorded

Firstly, 120,000 premises will come into the footprint, people previously served by satellite will be able to get the NBN fixed wireless. It will go to a speed of 100 megabits per second and over 750,000 premises. 85% will get a speed of 250 megabits per second.

Upload speed Inverarity crease in 20 meg bites per second which is important for businesses, anybody using the cloud. A material increase in speed at what is called the busy hour, typically in the evenings and importantly as well, for people on NBN satellite, as we move 120,000 out of the satellite footprint, that means we will be able to increase the monthly download limit for satellite customers on NBN sky muster from 50 gigabytes up to 90 within a couple of years.

This is better, faster broadband for regional and remote Australia, only the Coalition can be trusted to deliver better communication services for regional and remote Australia. I want to particularly acknowledge the work that Bridget McKenzie, as minister for regional communications, has been doing in relation to the regional telecommunications review. This response to an important recommendation of the review.

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