Australia live news updates: Cop26 agreement to phase down coal sends ‘clear message’ to Morrison

To our shame, Australia won the Colossal Fossil Award, provided by Climate Action Network International. The award recognises the countries who do the least to prevent dangerous climate heating and the most to promote fossil fuels (and their accompanying emissions!).

It’s an eye-watering irony that our nation, still reeling from the most catastrophic bushfires we’ve ever faced, warned that we’ll be facing even worse as the climate continues to heat, is STILL embracing coal, still investing OUR TAXES in new gas projects, still asking communities like mine to be more ‘resilient’ in the face of ever growing danger.

Bushfire survivors need a reason to keep going. We need a reason to rebuild, a reason for re-opening our businesses. We need reasons for hope. At this point, after our government’s performance at COP26, we don’t have these reasons.

Instead, just like the government’s plans for propping up our fossil fuel sector with carbon capture and storage, hope is just a dream.

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