Australia Covid live update: Victoria reports one local coronavirus case; NSW to extend Sydney lockdown

Sydneysiders are really struggling. I think the government needs to explain why we’re not doing the model that was there before.

So we’re a bit concerned about that, but it is important, we’re going to need these packages for as long as lockdowns occur and lockdowns will continue to occur while this government doesn’t fix the rollout of the vaccine and doesn’t have national quarantine facilities.

We called for when Victoria had a lockdown as well. There’s a need to provide that support. People are really struggling. I note the prime minister last Friday saying that people had a buffer in their budgets.

That just shows out-of-touch he is. People are doing it really tough. I had a small business on the phone to me last week crying literally because he employed 20 people, he’s built up this business over six or seven years, and he just was distraught at the idea of laying people off.

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