Australia Covid live update: SA braces for more cases; Sydney outbreak moves west


Victorian case numbers reportedly expected to rise today


Federal Labor frontbencher Kristina Keneally has raised the alarm that Scott Morrison will personally decide how to allocate $800m of manufacturing grants.

Labor’s government accountability spokesperson on Wednesday night warned that the Coalition’s modern manufacturing initiative would “bake-in” partisan spending and normalise recommendations that weren’t independent, as occurred in the sports rorts controversy.

Kristina Keneally speaks to the media

Kristina Keneally speaks to the media. Photograph: AAP

Keneally used a speech to Deakin University’s accountability and rule of law workshop to renew Labor warnings that the latest budget contained 22 discretionary funds that allowed partisan spending.

The speech follows weeks of controversy about the $660m commuter car park fund. The Australian National Audit Office found its 47 project sites were handpicked by the government on the advice of its MPs and candidates.

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