Australia Covid live news update: Victoria records 603 cases and one death as state braces for construction industry fallout

Well, what I say, Lisa, is this – in all careers, even if a person goes to jail, there’s a time when they come out and we believe they get a second chance. We don’t condemn them forever.

We don’t just kick someone to the curb and never pick them up again. It’s not the Australian lexicon, it’s not what we do. You have your time in Coventry and Christian will, we hope after that you get an opportunity again.

You would want me to say to you or any other person out there, you don’t take a driver’s licence off someone forever, you give them a period without it and give it back to them.

I just think it’s odd we’re going to throw this person to the waste paper basket forever. He’s been an incredibly capable minister at a state and federal level, yesterday, he’s had a very bad day at the wicket, which I keep repeats.

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