Australia coronavirus live: Victoria extends Melbourne lockdown for another week after six new Covid cases

We could not see that granularity of detail through wave two in Victoria last year but through the Black Rock outbreak and the Holiday Inn outbreak we have not seen the proportion of cases who are describing a transmission that is fleeting.

I do not want to overemphasise it.

We know that most transmission happens within a household, it happens within the prolonged indoor settings, we still need to have a lockdown to minimise the number of people who will be in those settings.

It is a key feature of extending this by one week. So it is not that all transmissions occurring casual settings, it is just to illustrate that the contagious nurse of this virus is not insubstantial.

…It could have been transmitting through the second wave and it probably was.

I don’t think it happened to that extent and in the granular examination of transmission with these new variants of concern, compared to other variants and compared to the wild-type last year, we are seeing greater contagiousness, we see a takeover is a variant and that is why it became, you know, B117, the Alpha variant became the predominant one across all of Europe and North America. That is why the Delta variant is now overwhelmingly the variant in India and becoming the predominant variant in the UK. The variant we see now may or may not go in that direction but it is of concern.

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