After playing match with Covid-like symptoms, tennis star Alexander Zverev says he’s tested negative

In a story posted on Instagram, the world No.7 screenshotted his negative test as well as saying: “Wanted to update everyone that I have again tested negative for Covid.

“I wasn’t 100% yesterday and will now take a few days to recover. Also wanted to say full credit to Jannik (Sinner) for a great match. Best of luck the rest of the way,” added Zverev, referring to the Italian teenager who beat him in four sets on Sunday at Roland Garros.

Afterwards, the German told reporters that he played despite feeling sick and having a high fever. He admitted that he “shouldn’t have played” because of how he was feeling.

“I’m completely sick. I can’t really breathe, as you can hear by my voice,” the 23-year-old told reporters at the post-match press conference.

“I had fever, you know, as well. Yeah I’m not in the best physical state, I would say. I think that had a little bit of an effect on the match today. I warmed up today; I shouldn’t have played.”

Zverev said that he had a 100.4° temperature following his victory over Marco Cecchinato in the third round on Friday.

The US Open runner-up, who was not wearing a mask during the match against Sinner, was inspected during the first set of the match by medical officials and was given nasal spray for which he used on both of his nostrils.

Last month, during the trophy presentation at the US Open, Zverev revealed his parents had tested positive for Covid-19 and couldn’t be with him during that tournament.

Per the French Tennis Federation (FFT), any accredited person showing symptoms including a fever or breathing difficulties, should “report to the stadium infirmaries” for a test in a dedicated room, according to the New York Times.

Zverev serves against Sinner.

In a statement sent to CNN from the FFT, it confirmed that Zverev “did not consult the tournament doctors before his match.”

“Zverev is up to date on his tests, which have all been negative. His last test was on September 29, with results received on September 30. Today he received a reminder for his next test, to be carried out within 5 days of the previous results. He did not consult the tournament doctors before his match.”

Later on Tuesday, Sinner plays 12-time French Open winner Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinals.

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