What Adobe's new AI-powered Express for Enterprise can do for business teams



As consumer demand for personalized content continues to skyrocket, Adobe is targeting enterprise clients with two overarching features: brand consistency and safe-for-business AI. 
On Tuesday, the company announced Express for Enterprise, a new business-first version of the company’s content creation platform. Powered by Adobe’s Firefly Image Model 3, Express for Enterprise aims to be an end-to-end suite for communications and marketing teams that prioritizes efficiency, speed, and safety. 

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The platform aims to help enterprise users automate content creation without imperiling brand consistency to better streamline multi-team collaboration. Features like template locking and style controls, available now, ensure that brand legibility stays clear, even as projects change hands. 

The Bulk Create and Generate features enable users to make variations of a single design “in seconds,” according to Adobe’s release, while the Generate Copy option helps marketing teams test and specify messaging to different channels and designs. Together, the suite of features lets users recycle, segment, and update content for time-sensitive campaigns and quicker output.

In Express for Enterprise, teams now can take full advantage of Firefly-backed tools like Text to Image, Generative Fill, Auto-Translate, and other time-saving AI features to make differentiated content “in just a few clicks,” the release states. Using Firefly, teams also can generate new content that incorporates the “style, mood, lighting, layout or composition” of reference images of their choosing. 

Marketers can use Firefly Custom Models to create images that are more tailored to their brand by using their existing content as sample training data. 

By backing the platform with Firefly, Adobe aims to address marketer needs for using commercially safe image generators. “Adobe Express features powered by Firefly generative AI models are designed to be safe for business so enterprises can deploy the app broadly with confidence,” the release explains.

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However, debates around proper licensing for ML training data are still unfolding, and while some image generators have taken more precautions than others, it’s unclear if a truly ironclad option exists yet when it comes to AI-generated imagery. 

That said, the release specifies certain protections and guarantees for users. “Adobe offers enterprise customers IP indemnification for imagery generated with Firefly, giving brands additional assurance,” the company explains. “To provide transparency around the use of generative AI in the creative process, Content Credentials are automatically attached to digital content created or edited with Firefly in Adobe Express, providing a digital nutrition label that builds trust with audiences.”

Like the foundational version of Express, the new platform integrates with Acrobat, Creative Cloud, and Experience Manager Assets, the company’s digital asset management tool. It will also integrate with GenStudio, the “end-to-end content lifecycle app” Adobe announced in March, which has yet to be released. 



Similarly to how Express for Enterprise is described, GenStudio will help marketing teams reuse and measure approved content, as well as “activate” it in third-party apps, according to the release. “Deeply integrated into Adobe GenStudio, Adobe Express for Enterprise supports the ability to remix approved assets and directly edit content without requiring specialized creative skills,” the announcement adds. 

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Adobe appears to be framing Express for Enterprise as accessible to more types of team members. The platform lets more people create and publish content across channels than before, making workflows between social, marketing, sales, and communications teams more efficient. 

According to the release, “using Adobe Express for Enterprise, Adobe’s sales team also has reduced delivery time for client assets from two to three weeks to just 30 minutes, helping them close deals and realize revenue faster.” 

Adobe is partnering with IBM Consulting to help clients “modernize their content supply chains” with Express for Enterprise, the release said. “Clients can expect to see a 30% increase in project capacity and 70% reduction in time to market by distributing creative production tasks across a more diverse team of professionals while delivering more personalized, brand-compliant, digital assets at scale.” 

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Separately, Adobe is working with Microsoft to develop an Express extension for Copilot that it says will allow users to create videos, animations, social content, flyers, and more in Microsoft 365 apps with simple prompts in Copilot chat.

Adobe added that more updates will be announced on June 11 at its Express for Enterprise virtual event. 

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