The New LG OLED TV Is Seeing All-Time Low Prices This July 4th

The holiday might have just started, but these Fourth of July sales are pouring in. Before all of these offers expire, we think you should take a look at this deal on the LG C4 OLED TV, the 2024 version of the highly rated LG C3. It’s seen prices cut by as much as $500 at Amazon with discounts applying to sizes ranging from 42 to 83 inches. One size worth pointing out is the 55-inch TV, as this has reached an all-time low price with a savings of $503. So if you’re looking for a new TV, deals like this are right up your alley. 

Best 4th of July TV Sales

Upgrade your home entertainment system without breaking the bank. Stay updated on the best 4th of July TV sales to find the perfect screen at a fantastic price.

Best 4th of July TV Sales

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What we like about LG’s OLED TVs is their stunning picture quality, user-friendly setup and the number of features designed for gamers. In general, their 4K capabilities and variable refresh rate go a long way to making sure the latest video games not only look spectacular but run smoothly. 

Launched in March of this year and yet to be fully reviewed by CNET, the LG C4 is designed to be a step up from 2023’s LG OLED C3 — our current favorite high-end TV — by improving the audio and offering brighter HDR. 

Looking for more deals? The best Fourth of July TV sales are running all across the web. Many of these are limited-time only, so make sure to take advantage while you can. 

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