Overwatch 2 Season 11: Pink Mercy Is Back for the First Time in 6 Years

Overwatch has brought back its most in-demand cosmetic, and it’s helping charity at the same time. That’s right, Pink Mercy is back — and there’s a new skin with a gilded twist. 

Overwatch 2 season 11 started June 20, following the Mirrorwatch theme of season 10 with an action-packed Sentai-inspired battle pass theme. As usual with Blizzard’s multiplayer online shooter, we’ve got a new battle pass, a new balance patch and a new season of ranked play to start grinding. There’s no new hero this season, but we are getting another Push map, which brings the total up to four.

Season 11 also brings new hero mastery courses, mythic store options and a new Kiriko shop skin. Here’s what to know about the latest Overwatch 2 season.

Screenshot of new rose gold Mercy skin Screenshot of new rose gold Mercy skin

The new Rose Gold Mercy skin gives the hero a shiny, strawberry blonde look.


Get the Pink Mercy skin, support cancer research

One of the most coveted skins in Overwatch has been the Pink Mercy skin — a limited-time cosmetic from 2018 that supported breast cancer research. After years of fans begging Blizzard to bring back the skin, the cosmetic is finally back in the shop. 

You can buy the old Pink ($15) and new Rose Gold ($20) skins, and 100% of the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It’s a good look for the game, and I hope it’s the start of more charity items in Overwatch 2. Note that you can’t use coins — you have to buy the skins directly, and you’ll have through July 7 to get them.

Overwatch season 11 battle pass

If you saw the Super Sentai Genji skin and wished everyone could get that treatment, season 11 was made just for you. The new season is themed around Ultrawatch — the game’s colorful take on Power Rangers — with Genji, Cassidy, Sojourn, Ana and Wrecking Ball getting themed skins. There’s also be a lifeguard theme in the battle pass, including skins for Junkrat and Lucio, and other skins available in the shop.

Screenshot of Ultrawatch Sojourn Screenshot of Ultrawatch Sojourn

Sojourn is ready to face off against the forces of evil in her Ultrawatch form.


New mythic skin

The heroes of Ultrawatch aren’t just fighting against any old villain — they’re facing off against Mythic Calamity Empress Ashe. The leader of the Deadlock Gang trades in her cowgirl hat for a very Rita Repulsa headdress and some dark magic. As a reminder, mythic skins have been taken off the battle pass and now exist exclusively in shops where you can spend mythic prisms, which you can earn in the premium battle pass or buy directly from the shop.

Screenshot of the new Ashe mythic skin Screenshot of the new Ashe mythic skin

Ashe is my main damage character, so I’ve got high expectations for her mythic skin.


New mythic weapons

Not interested in the Mythic Ashe? Hold onto your mythic prisms until midseason and spend them on an all-new type of item: mythic weapons. Everyone’s favorite Crusader is getting the first mythic weapon, called Bound Demon — an axe-like hammer that glows like lava and has special fiery effects for earning final blows. 

Screenshot of Reinhardt's new mythic weapon Screenshot of Reinhardt's new mythic weapon

Vanquish your foes with the first mythic weapon.


New map: Runasapi

We got a fourth Push map this season, and this one shows off Illari’s home in Peru. The season 11 blog post says we’ll get to see the Inti Warrior Historical Museum and Monument, which pays tribute to the group that trained Illari before she became the sole survivor. 

Screenshot of new Runsapi push map Screenshot of new Runsapi push map

This Runasapi area shows off a tragic piece of Illari lore.


Other new stuff

There are a few other changes happening in season 11:

  • The game added new hero mastery courses for Kiriko and Soldier:76.
  • Our cries have finally been heard: The glass is gone from Colosseo.
  • Weekly challenges are easier, and you can catch up if you miss a week.
  • The devs adjusted matchmaking to better handle narrow and wide groups.

Screenshot of Kiriko's Lifeguard skin from the shop Screenshot of Kiriko's Lifeguard skin from the shop

Fine, take my money.


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