Made In Cookware Is Highly Giftable, and It’s Already on Sale for Black Friday

Some cookware brands just get it. Made In is one of them, and its beautifully and soundly designed skillets, Dutch ovens, cutlery and tableware consistently land on my list of favorite kitchen buys. Right now, ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Made In has launched a pre-holiday sale with sitewide discounts on stainless pots and pans, nonstick sets, cast-iron cookware, glassware, knives and more. Some pieces of Made In’s luxury wares are as much as 30% off, with live deals in nearly every category.

While I’ve used, and loved, the brand’s stainless steel and nonstick pots and pans, I’m particularly fond of Made In’s carbon steel. It heats and sears like cast iron but is much lighter and more easily handled. While it does take a bit of extra care and conscientious cleaning, adding one or two pieces of carbon steel to your rack is well worth the effort.

Made In’s 8-inch chef’s knife is also the one I use daily and have for years now. It’s beautifully balanced with a full tang for core strength and one of the most comfortable handles I’ve wrapped my fingers around.

Below you’ll find highlights from Made In’s early Black Friday sale happening now.

Made In cookware deals

The sloped sides of a wok allow you to do things you can’t do as easily in a skillet or frying pan. I suggest adding one to your rack and Made In’s blue carbon steel model is a luxury piece of cookware, currently on sale for an approachable $99. Blue carbon steel sears meats much like cast iron, but is lighter and easier to handle.


Made In Dutch oven and bakeware deals

A reliable Dutch oven with quality enamel coating is about as essential as cookware gets.


Made In kitchen tools and tableware deals

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