Looking for a less toxic TikTok alternative? This could be it

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While TikTok has recently come under fire by Western governments for potentially posing a national security risk, a less popular app called Zigazoo is touting itself as the next TikTok — the app that will rise once the giant falls. 

What is Zigazoo?

Zigazoo has two apps: Zigazoo Kids and Zigazoo. In 2020, Zigazoo started as a social media platform geared explicitly towards Generation Alpha, or those born roughly between 2010 and 2024. Many kids born between those years want to be on social media already, but their use of apps like TikTok concerns parents and lawmakers.

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Zigazoo aims to give those kids a place to be social with friends without the dangers other social media platforms pose to them, thus Zigazoo Kids. And now that some Americans may be becoming wary of TikTok, Zigazoo decided to create another platform designed for those over 13: Zigazoo.

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Zigazoo is invite-only, and its primary goal is to foster an environment free of trolling, hate comments, and cyberbullying seen on other social media sites. The app was “designed so you can flaunt your flaws and vibe with people who share your interests,” according to the platform’s home page.

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As part of its goal of being a nontoxic social media landscape, Zigazoo is free of text comment sections and only allows emojis with positive connotations. If users want to respond to a video, they have to create a video. This feature probably aims to deter trolls and hate commenters, as most people who leave hate on a post do so anonymously. 

Zigazoo received funding from big-name investors like Serena Williams, Jimmy Kimmel, and the NBA. Popular TikTokers like Jack Wright and Charli D’Amelio are affiliated with the app, which is part of a big push to influence TikTok users to migrate to Zigazoo. 

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Zigazoo heavily markets itself as an alternative to TikTok, especially as TikTok’s U.S. ban remains in the headlines. However, a nationwide TikTok ban is unlikely to happen. The ban relies on passing bills in the U.S. House and Senate, which can be a lengthy process.

Zigazoo will launch on March 25 and expects to roll out access to the public shortly after. 

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