Google gives Nest Wifi a price cut: $199 for a 3-piece mesh router

A 3-piece setup with the Nest Wifi router and two range-extending Nest Wifi Points is down to $199.

James Martin/CNET

First released a year ago, Google’s Nest Wifi is one of our favorite mesh router picks — but it doesn’t support Wi-Fi 6, and newer mesh routers that do, like Eero 6, are starting to hit the market at a lower asking price. Now, Google is responding with a significant price cut for the 3-piece Nest Wifi system that includes the Nest Wifi router and two range-extending Nest Wifi Points. That setup was previously priced at $349, but starting later today, you’ll be able to buy it for $199.

That brings the cost of a 3-piece Nest Wifi setup down to $80 less than a comparable 3-piece Eero 6 setup. It’s also right in line with the cost of other 3-piece mesh routers that support Wi-Fi 5, including systems from Netgear and TP-Link.

Meanwhile, a standalone Nest Wifi router will now cost $99, down from $169 — but there’s no new pricing for the Nest Wifi 2-pack, a Google spokesperson tells CNET.

With multiple devices designed to relay a faster, more reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout your entire home, mesh routers are a popular upgrade pick in the wireless networking category. Nest Wifi stood out from that pack in our tests thanks to its relatively fast speeds, ease of setup, and stable performance. The multi-color Nest Wifi Points that extend the range of your network also double as Google Assistant smart speakers, which gives it some extra appeal for anyone who’s already bought into that ecosystem.

The lack of support for next-gen Wi-Fi 6 connections that are faster and more advanced means that Nest Wifi isn’t future-proofed quite as well as some of the competition — but the new price reflects that reality well, and positions it as a potential bargain pick for the holiday buying season. That buying season is set to kick off earlier than usual this year thanks to Amazon Prime Day, which was delayed this summer and rescheduled for October 13th, a week from today.

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