Fallout 76 for Xbox is just $5 right now

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You may have seen that Fallout 76 is included with Game Pass, making it free for subscribers. But if you don’t have a Game Pass membership, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck paying full price. With this deep discount of over 90% from Stack Social, you’ll pay just $5 for the game — which is cheap enough that even if you end up not finishing the game or just don’t enjoy it, it won’t sting as much as paying the full $40 retail price.

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The game takes place in Fallout’s version of West Virginia, letting players start solo quests or join up to three friends to re-colonize the Appalachian wastelands. And with a world map that’s four times larger than Fallout 4, there’s plenty to explore. The Wastelanders expansion has players teaming up to track down rumors of gold hidden in the mountains and calm tensions between rival settler factions, all with the economic future of the region hanging in the balance.

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And if you’re into online multiplayer modes, Fallout 76 offers a Season Pass system for daily and weekly challenges as well as rewards like in-game cosmetics. There is also a premium rewards system: Fallout 1st. This system works around the in-game Atoms currency, which is purchased with real-world money and then used for in-game items like cosmetics, special weapons, and rare materials. But don’t worry if you’re not a big fan of spending real money on fake currency: if you buy the Season Pass, you get access to Fallout 1st rewards without fear of throwing money into the abyss.   

Save over 90% on Fallout 76 right now.

While there’s no indication on the Stack Social page that there is a hard expiration date, it wouldn’t be wise to wait around with a deal this good. 

And if you’re a Game Pass subscriber who’s on the fence about trying the game, you have plenty of time. Fallout 76 isn’t set to leave the service any time soon.

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