Best July 4th Grill Sales To Tackle the Summer in Style

$80 at Walmart

Costway3-in-1 Vertical Charcoal Smoker Portable BBQ Smoker Grill

Costway 3-in-1 vertical charcoal smoker and portable barbecue grill: $80

Save $79

$297 at Walmart

Blackstone 36-inch griddle on red background Blackstone 36-inch griddle on red background

Blackstone Original 4-burner 36-inch Omnivore Grill and Cover: $297

Save $72

Less than 24 hours until Independence Day hits. And with that, the Fourth of July is underway with lots of deals now live across top retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and such. With that, it’s also the perfect time to soak up the sun with a brand-new grill. Whatever you’re looking to cook up, be that steaks, burgers, sausage or ribs, these grills will do the job well. 

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Best 4th of July Sales

Don’t miss our coverage of the best 4th of July Sales and where to find them.

Best 4th of July Sales

If you’re looking to save some money, then we’ve gone ahead and found the best deals on grills, from things like charcoal Kamado grills to the best electric grills, and gathered them below for you. We’ll update this article as the July Fourth festivities approach, to ensure you get the best prices. Don’t wait too long. You’ll want to strike while the grill is hot. 

Grills and smokers on a red, white and blue background Grills and smokers on a red, white and blue background


Best overall July 4th grill and smoker deals

  • Lowe’s: LoCo Cookers’ three-burner propane griddle is over 50% off.
  • Walmart: Get a Costway three-in-one vertical charcoal smoker and portable BBQ grill for only $80.
  • Walmart: Masterbuilt’s 535 Analog Electric Smoker is $45 off.
  • Home Depot: Z Grill’s 7052B wood pellet grill and smoker is $454 off.
  • Walmart: Blackstone’s Original 4-burner 36-inch Omnivore Grill and Cover for only $297.

July 4th weekend grill and smoker deals

Even if you aren’t familiar with NewAge, the brand has been making some of the most impressive and high-end outdoor kitchen appliances and furnishings for a long time. The Platinum Kamado grill continues that heritage. In testing this grill, I found it did a fantastic job of maintaining a temperature, which helped me make some truly impressive pulled pork and other grilled foods. From the looks to the functionality, this Kamado grill is really a must-have for any true outdoor chef.

loco cookers griddle grill gas chalk


Griddles are a fantastic option for outdoor cooking, and the LoCo Cookers three-burner griddle is on an amazing sale for July Fourth weekend. With 740 square inches of cooking space, you can feed everyone at the party; no problem. Aside from the flexibility that using a gas griddle offers, this model from LoCo comes with a dual-door cabinet for storage, two side tables and a built-in lid. At only $350, it’s basically a must-buy.

costway 3 in 1 barrel smoker


Charcoal barrel smokers are perfect for getting a good even cook on your food and adding delicious smoky flavors. Even better, these cookers take up very little room, so they’re perfect for smaller patios. This Costway three-in-one smoker and grill has two grill racks offering 400 square inches of cooking space. You can also set up the smoker to act as a regular grill or as a fire pit, so at $80, it’s hard to pass it up.

masterbuilt 535 electric smoker


Cooking with real wood offers some delicious flavors, but can be a hassle when you have to manually watch the temps, adjust dampers, add wood and more. Masterbuilt’s cooker solves those issues and elevates outdoor cooking with some really useful features. The vertical smoker has a wood chip tray and can hold up to three chickens, two turkeys, three pork butts or three racks of ribs, and has a removable water bowl to help keep your food moist. Simply prep your food, add some wood chips, plug it in and choose your temp for perfectly smoked foods.

traeger grills pro 575


Z Grills makes reliable cookers that offer an approachable way to cook your food with real wood smoke flavor at a fantastic price — especially when on sale. This grill and smoker packs a lot of features into a relatively compact space. With 709 square inches of cooking space, you can get up to 30 burgers, six rib racks or five chickens and cook them all perfectly with the built-in meat probes. The included Wi-Fi technology lets you monitor your grill from anywhere to ensure everything cooks wonderfully.

blackstone original omnivore 36inch griddle background


Blackstone is running loads of great deals during July Fourth, but the best one might just be the Original Omnivore 36-inch gas griddle. With four burners to evenly heat up the surface of the griddle, you’ll be able to properly control the entire cooking area no matter what you’re cooking.

If you need searing heat to cook smash burgers on one side of the griddle while you saute veggies at low temperature on the other half, you can do it here. This fantastic deal also nets you a hardcover for the cooker to keep it clean between cooks.

More grill deals for July 4th Weekend

Nexgrill 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill in Black with Stainless Steel Main Lid Nexgrill 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill in Black with Stainless Steel Main Lid

We found several Nexgrill models on sale for MDW.


Should I buy a grill or smoker during July 4th sales?

It might be the best time, aside from the end of the summer season. With outdoor cooking in full swing, the July 4th weekend offers a chance to save money on some of the bestselling items of the summer.

Where are the best July 4th grill and smoker sales?

Traeger Grills Ironwood XL lid open sitting on a concrete patio Traeger Grills Ironwood XL lid open sitting on a concrete patio

Fan-favorite Traegers are also marked down ahead of the long weekend.

Chris Wedel/CNET

Grills and smokers have reached the point where you won’t just find them at big box stores or hardware stores. Aside from the multitude of brands making cookers now, the inclusion technology makes these items available at more retailers than ever. You’ll find great savings on grills and smokers of all kinds at Best Buy, Walmart, Home Depot, Target, Lowe’s, Amazon and much more.

What else is on sale for July 4th?

You’ll find nearly anything and everything getting some great discounts over the Fourth of July. From some of the top smart home deals to appliances and more, you’ll find plenty of ways to save money. Don’t forget to pick up some helpful grilling tools over the weekend for that new grill you bought.

How we choose the best grill and smoker July 4th deals

Our team of expert shoppers and deal-hunters spans years of helping buyers understand which major sales and deals are legitimately good and which are more routine. That includes Black Friday, Prime Day, July 4th and countless other shopping events. We’ve gotten very good at weeding out scams and superficial deals, so you see only the best grills and smokers from retailers all over. 

We look for real discounts, quality reviews and remaining sale time when choosing a deal to show you.

  • Real discounts mean exactly that. We look at the price history for all of the grills to make sure no manufacturers are inflating prices to make the discount seem more substantial than it is.
  • Quality reviews are important for any product, but especially for deeply discounted grills. If it breaks the first time you use it, the discount isn’t really worthwhile.
  • Remaining sale time is a huge part of our vetting process. If a grill deal seems like it will only be around for a short while or will only be available for the remaining stock, we’ll let you know upfront so you don’t come back to the deal later only to be disappointed.

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