Apple Unveils 14-inch, 16-inch MacBook Pros with M3 Processors – Video

Speaker 1: Introducing the new MacBook Pro. It raises the bar yet again for what a pro laptop can do and to tell you all about it. Here’s Kate.

Speaker 2: The new MacBook Pro is scary fast. And with M three, M three Pro and M three max, there’s a perfect model for everyone. Let’s begin with the 14 inch MacBook Pro. [00:00:30] It now starts with the M three chip, making it the ideal laptop for users pursuing their passions. Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, creator, or combination of all three, you’ll find everyday tasks lightning fast. And when you’re using pro apps or playing games, the advanced thermal system allows you to sustain the phenomenal performance of M three. In fact, the 14 inch MacBook Pro with M three is up to 60% faster than the 13 [00:01:00] inch MacBook Pro with M one. So it’s great for working with demanding content across a variety of workflows, such as making intricate three D models and SketchUp faster than before, or viewing and interacting with large medical images in surgical AR with stunning detail on the XDR display and hardware.

Speaker 2: Accelerated Ray tracing enables gameplay with incredibly realistic lighting shadows and reflections in games [00:01:30] like Mist. Next, let’s talk about the 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro with M three pro, which provides even greater performance and additional unified memory for users with more demanding workflows like coders, creative Pros and researchers with M three Pro, MacBook Pro is up to 40% faster than the 16 inch model with M one Pro. So stitching together and manipulating enormous panoramic photos in Photoshop [00:02:00] is much quicker. Working on large and complex data models in MATLAB is more fluid and compiling and testing millions of lines of code and X code is even faster. And MacBook Pro with M three Pro can do all of this while also driving two external high resolution displays. Now let’s turn to MacBook Pro with M three max. For users with extreme workflows like AI developers, [00:02:30] three D artists and video professionals, it’s an absolute beast.

Speaker 2: It provides performance and capabilities that push the limits of computing. With M three max, it’s up to two and a half times faster than the 16 inch MacBook Pro with M one Max. Thanks to the next generation GPU architecture and M three Max, you can model and iterate remarkably complex three D content in cinema four D with Redshift, and you do it faster than [00:03:00] ever, even while away from the studio and video, post-production work on the highest resolution content in apps like DaVinci Resolve Premier Pro or Final Cut Pro is an absolute breeze thanks to two pro res engines. MacBook Pro with M three Max also supports up to an enormous 128 gigabytes of unified memory. We first introduced support for this amount of memory on the powerful Max Studio with M [00:03:30] one Ultra, and now just 18 months later, we’re bringing it to MacBook Pro.

Speaker 2: This enables creators to easily work on large and complex projects spanning multiple pro apps and plugins like Substance three D Painter, Maya and Arnold, or compose huge film scores with pro tools where entire or orchestral libraries are instantly available from memory. MacBook Pro. With M three max can drive four [00:04:00] high resolution external displays, providing a vast amount of screen real estate for users who need an even larger canvas. And all models of the MacBook Pro deliver the same phenomenal performance, whether plugged in or on battery. Unlike many PC laptops to top it off, the new MacBook Pro provides up to an extraordinary 22 hours of battery life for the ultimate in pro portability. Whether you’re working all day or [00:04:30] all night, introducing MacBook Pro in Space Black, it’s a gorgeous dark aluminum finish. Not only that, we’re using a breakthrough chemistry that forms an anodization seal that greatly reduces fingerprints space.

Speaker 2: Black looks absolutely amazing. MacBook Pro is also built to last. The enclosure is created from a custom alloy that uses 100% re recycled aluminum. This material [00:05:00] is incredibly durable, so it’s great for our users who can count on MacBook Pro for many years of use, and it’s an important aspect of conserving earth’s finite resources and reaching our goal of carbon neutral products by 2030. So that’s the remarkably powerful and capable new MacBook Pro. With the power of the M three family of chips, up to 22 hours of battery life, a stunning liquid retina XDR display and advanced connectivity. [00:05:30] There’s simply no other laptop like MacBook Pro

Speaker 1: With the next generation of M series chips. The new MacBook Pro brings our most advanced technologies to the broadest set of users yet, and we can’t wait for them to experience it. The 14 inch MacBook Pro delivers more performance and capabilities than ever, and while it previously started at 1999, it now starts at just 1599 and the 16 inch MacBook Pro. With the monumental performance of M three PRO and M three Max still starts [00:06:00] at 24 99. You can order the new MacBook Pro today and models with M three and M three PRO will be available next week. Models with M three max will be available later in November. There’s nothing quite like the new MacBook Pro. It’s wicked fast and in space black. It just looks awesome.

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