A Coffee Subscription is the Perfect Gift for Someone You’re Stuck on

Unbeatable selection of coffee, often from small, indie producers

Local roasters and good markets are one way to try a few new coffees here and there. To open up an entire globe of coffee options, a good coffee subscription or coffee club will give you the most variety for ordering and tasting beans. For curious coffee drinkers who aren’t set in their ways, a coffee subscription is an excellent way to try new styles and roasts from small producers of this mandatory morning beverage. 

Plus, most coffee clubs on this list source from small, independent and fair-trade roasters. Many of these purveyors wouldn’t have much reach without online customers, so consider your subscription a boon to small businesses. (You can save that bag of Starbucks or Folgers for when the in-laws visit).

Coffee clubs send fresh coffee, roasted just before shipping

While variety is a huge reason to love coffee clubs, freshness is arguably just as important and the best coffee clubs will roast your beans just before sending them, with no time wasted on a shelf store where it loses punch and flavor. Trust me, you’ll notice the difference between fresh and stale store bought as soon as you open the bag. 

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A coffee subscription means you’ll always have beans around 

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a coffee subscription or coffee-of-the-month club is convenience. Coffee is one of those groceries you forget to chuck in the cart, and it’s never fun when you realize it the next morning. A coffee subscription ensures good beans are always on hand. And if a subscription feels like too much, most coffee clubs and online coffee retailers offer a one-time send of beans — ground or whole — to try out the goods without commitment. 

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