Six vaccinated medical experts reveal their summer travel plans

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cleared vaccinated Americans to travel again, but some immunized travelers remain on the fence about making summer plans.   Is it finally safe to fly? What about visiting unvaccinated relatives or traveling with young children?   CNBC Global Traveler asked medical professionals — all of whom are … Read more

‘Tacky’ to ‘demoralizing’: Travel writers share their biggest ‘bucket list’ disappointments

So-called bucket list destinations come with big expectations — and often big crowds too. While overtourism can ruin many a holiday destination, it’s not the only reason vacations miss the mark. Here, travel writers who contribute to CNBC’s Global Traveler share the worst disappointments of their professional careers. Stonehenge, UK “Although I may have my … Read more

Here’s what it costs to work remotely in 4 global hotspots

Google may be calling people back into the office, but many other companies — not to mention entrepreneurs — are still committed to remote work. From Croatia to Barbados, destinations provide vastly different experiences for foreigners who wish to work from new shores. The weather is usually better (save hurricanes), and costs can be cheaper … Read more

Even the well-traveled rarely know these beautiful remote islands in Asia

A cluster of islands in the northernmost region of the Philippines is so remote that they are actually closer to Taiwan than to most parts of the Philippines. The islands sit 100 miles north of Luzon, the country’s largest and most populous island and home to the capital city of Manila. Yet, they couldn’t be … Read more

Sri Lanka is now open to travelers — no quarantine, but no mingling with locals too

To quarantine or not to quarantine — that is the question. Or at least it has been for countries deliberating how to handle incoming international travelers. But that changed last month when Sri Lanka reopened its borders with a requirement unlike any country that had opened before it —  one that neither grants travelers free … Read more

One island welcomes all vaccinated travelers — but some may want to wait

Seychelles this month became the first nation to welcome vaccinated travelers from all over the world, sparking excitement among international travelers. But there are reasons some travelers — even vaccinated ones — may want to wait. A sudden rise in cases Throughout 2020, Seychelles reported enviably low Covid-19 infection rates. Except for a small spike … Read more

‘Working from Cycle’: Three friends take month-long cycling trip without giving office a miss

Three friends pedal from Mumbai to Kanyakumari continuing with office. (Source: Ratish Bhalerao) Coronavirus forced office goers to accept ‘Work from Home’ as the new normal. Soon ‘Stavacation’s became a thing as employees migrated to nearby holiday destinations to juggle work and travel. But three friends from Maharashtra took this win-win arrangement a notch higher … Read more

The year is over and workers left almost all of their vacation days on the table

Around 60% of the workforce has become remote amid the coronavirus pandemic. champja The coronavirus upended the way many workers do their job — whether in person or from home — and increased the time they spend doing it.  In 2020, the average workday lengthened by nearly an hour, according to a working paper published by the National … Read more

Tree pods and beach bedrooms: Social distancing in the Maldives

From treetop dining to underwater villas, the Maldives is coming up imaginative ways to help travelers stay socially distanced while still enjoying a vacation. The island nation reopened to visitors on July 15, and more than 57,000 tourists have visited since. More airlines set to resume flights this month and next. Earlier in November, the … Read more

Maximizing travel for less will be the new normal: Booking site’s research shows how Indians will travel

64 percent of travellers are keen to look out for savings and promotions. COVID-19 has transformed how Indians will decide their travel plans, be it domestic or international. While Indian travellers are keen to adapt to the ‘new normal’, the parameters for decision making on the different aspects related to travel and accommodation is set … Read more