Biden admits ‘we’re not going to get $3.5tn’ on sweeping investment plan – live

Joe Biden conceded on Friday that the final version of his sweeping social policy and climate change initiative – often referred to as the $3.5tn reconciliation bill – would not be $3.5tn. “We’re not going to get $3.5tn. We’ll get less than that,” Biden said, during an event at the Capitol Child Development Center in … Read more

Steve Bannon faces last chance to testify on Capitol attack or risk contempt charges – live

2.28pm BST14:28 Good morning and welcome to the Guardian US politics liveblog… Today we’re watching the House committee investigating the 6 January Capitol attack, where lawmakers have subpoenaed former advisors to the Trump administration. Legislators are eyeing whether former Trump administration adviser Steve Bannon will continue his game of chicken with lawmakers, a game that … Read more

Psaki: Biden will not invoke executive privilege to block access to Capitol riot records – live

Karen Bass, a Democratic congresswoman from California, is reportedly planning to run for Los Angeles mayor. The Washington Post first reported the news. Karen Bass. Photograph: REX/Shutterstock Although the field is still shaping up, Bass’ national profile and broad popularity would make her a top contender for the position Eric Garcetti is vacating to be … Read more

‘This is how I’m going to die’: officers recount Capitol attack ordeal – live

Zoe Lofgren, a California Democrat, is up next. She begins with a tribute to all those who defended and staffed the Capitol on 6 January. “You saved the day, you saved the constitution,” she says, before asking Sgt Gonell about his experience in a fight on the day. He “apologises for his outburst” regarding going … Read more