As demand surges and prices rise, here are 7 ways to save on travel this summer

Erik Isakson | Tetra images | Getty Images Americans want their summer vacations. After a year of being pent up during the pandemic, 80% said they are ready to travel, according to a recent survey by tourism market research firm Destination Analysts. However, with that demand comes higher prices. Airline tickets are up 7% for … Read more

Coronavirus Chased Off Tourists—Lots of Locals Don’t Want Them Ever Flocking Back

KYOTO, Japan—The bustle of tourists has disappeared from this ancient capital—only to be replaced by dissension over whether they should ever be welcomed back. Mimiko Takayasu, 80 years old, is proprietress of a century-old tea house where geisha entertain wealthy Japanese with traditional music and dance. Until the coronavirus pandemic, the streets of Gion, Kyoto’s … Read more