Top 3 momentum indicators for stock markets to identify trends and make buy or sell decisions

There are various ways in which traders try to make money from the market. The strategies the successful traders’ use aligns with their psychology. One theme that opportunistic traders like to follow is the momentum strategy. Here they like to take advantage of a short and sharp rise in the market. Momentum strategies, as the … Read more

This smallcap multibagger debutant has lost steam. Upside limited, say analysts

NEW DELHI: Shares of 2021 debutant Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem, which had rallied a whopping 134 per cent intraday on its market debut in July last year, have run out of steam. A likely tepid prospects for high-margin structure directing agents (SDA) segment, which accounted for 41 per cent of total revenues in the March … Read more

Don’t let the Lindy Effect fool you while picking stocks

In the last few years, Lindy Effect has gained a lot of popularity amongst investors. Ever since Nassim Nicholas Taleb wrote about it in his 2012 book “Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder”, it has been used in the investing world as a concept that says companies with competitive advantage that have survived for many … Read more

Recession risks duel resilience hopes in global economy outlook

The fastest inflation in decades and the resulting rush by central banks to raise interest rates are stoking recession fears in financial markets — worries that are being compounded by the impact of aggressive coronavirus lockdowns in China and the war in Ukraine. In the last week alone, the the U.S. and U.K. logged inflation … Read more

Don’t sell stocks trading at all-time highs: VK Vijayakumar, Geojit Financial

NEW DELHI: Amid volatile movement in the market, especially given a number of headwinds including inflation and rising interest rates, traders are keen on limiting losses. Moreover, the earnings season that is gathering pace may increase volatility. However, there are some analysts who believe the downside will be limited in the market even if we … Read more

Elon Musk takes 9.2% stake in Twitter; cost of living crisis hits UK consumer confidence – business live

Good morning, and welcome to our live rolling coverage of business, economics and financial markets. The cost of living crisis has knocked UK consumer confidence down to its lowest level since the pandemic, as rising food and energy bills hammer families. There has been a “significant and sustained drop-off in consumer sentiment”, leading to the … Read more

Nifty’s resilience amid ferocious exit by FIIs: Should you rejoice or worry?

There seems to be no let-up in FII sell-off in the Indian market. The daily sale numbers have been over a billion dollars for a while. This calendar year alone (Jan to March), the tally has trumped the trillion (Rs) mark by a wide margin. FIIs have pulled out a staggering amount of over $20 … Read more

Surging stock markets turn a blind eye to Fed at their own risk

Neither war, disease nor inflation are proving capable of preventing American stocks from doing what they’ve almost always done for 13 years: go up. How policy makers devoted to getting inflation under control will view that is becoming a hot topic on Wall Street. Right now, the 6.6% surge in the S&P 500 ranks — … Read more

DIY investors eye quick buck in ‘uninvestable’ Russia

LONDON: While the West’s big investors have ditched Russia in recent weeks, one small group of armchair investors sees a bargain and is shrugging off any ethical qualms. At a time when many in Britain are pouring cash into charities to support relief efforts in Ukraine after its invasion by Russia, others are looking to … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war latest news: Turkey will limit Russian warship access to Black Sea, says Erdoğan – live

Ukraine has demanded that Russia be expelled from the International Police Criminal Organization, commonly known as Interpol, accusing it of abusing the organisation and using it to target political opponents worldwide and in Ukraine, the Guardian’s Ruth Michaelson writes. The Ukrainian minister of internal affairs, Denis Monastyrsky, demanded Russia’s immediate expulsion. “Russia should be expelled … Read more