Facebook Owner Meta Names DoorDash CEO Tony Xu to Board

Facebook FB 1.92% parent Meta Platforms Inc. appointed DoorDash Inc. DASH 7.64% Chief Executive Tony Xu to its board of directors, adding outside executive experience to a group that has been criticized for its lack of independence. Mr. Xu’s appointment Tuesday is the first change to the board since the company rebranded itself as Meta … Read more

The Crowd That Lifted Up Eventbrite’s CEO

Attending a Star Trek convention while working on a documentary series showed Julia Hartz the power of live events. The experience became the inspiration for ticketing company Eventbrite, which she started with her fiancé and another founder. Their goal was to make gatherings easier for event organizers and attendees. Now that model is being tested … Read more

Huang’s Law Is the New Moore’s Law, and Explains Why Nvidia Wants Arm

During modern computing’s first epoch, one trend reigned supreme: Moore’s Law. Actually a prediction by Intel Corp. co-founder Gordon Moore rather than any sort of physical law, Moore’s Law held that the number of transistors on a chip doubles roughly every two years. It also meant that performance of those chips—and the computers they powered—increased … Read more

Former Pemex CEO’s Allegations Rock Mexico’s Political Class

MEXICO CITY—Millions of dollars obtained from foreign bribes during a presidential campaign. Bags of cash to lawmakers in exchange for approving a historic opening of Mexico’s oil industry. A former sitting president making deals with his favorite contractor to share the spoils of big government contracts. Those allegations by Emilio Lozoya, a disgraced former chief … Read more