US will no longer issue Astronaut Wings for commercial space travel: Here’s why

Access to space has become much easier in recent times with Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, and SpaceX working to provide non-astronauts with space flights. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Saturday said it would no longer issue Commercial Space Astronaut Wings, instead recognising on its website individuals that reach space. Astronaut wings are pins … Read more

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin launches and returns first six passenger spaceflight

The NS-19 capsule returns with the crew above the Texas desert. Blue Origin Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin on Saturday launched its New Shepard rocket for the sixth time this year, a mission that marked the first time the company launched six passengers at once. Called NS-19, this New Shepard mission carried a crew of two … Read more

Virgin Galactic has sold 700 more space tickets

Virgin Galactic has sold around 700 tickets since flying its founder Richard Branson to space over summer, with commercial service expected to begin by the end of 2022, the company said in its financial results Monday. The current price of the fare is $450,000 per seat, well above the $200,000-$250,000 paid by some 600 customers … Read more

Branson is trailing Bezos in space tourism, while Musk’s SpaceX competes in a league of its own

Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk Joe Skipper | Reuters; Joe Raedle | Getty Images; Paul Hennessy | SOPA Images | Getty Images 2021 has been a whirlwind for private space tourism, with this week especially crucial for the ventures founded by Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson. While Bezos’ Blue Origin took a step … Read more

Cryptocurrency is taking off as a way to pay for those vacation getaways

Alexander Spatari | Moment | Getty Images You’ll probably have to use cryptocurrency to pay off that ransomware hacker who froze your laptop, but where else might you put all your bitcoin, ethereum and other digital coins to actual use? Tesla may still be unsure about accepting bitcoin for its electric vehicles again, yet cryptocurrency … Read more

Richard Branson’s space visit, where are Indian billionaires?

Richard Branson’s VSS Unity was in space only for a few munities and this mission is known as a suborbital mission. (Photo source: AP) By Dr Ajey Lele,  On 11 July 2021, the big showman of civil aviation (Virgin Atlantic) the billionaire Richard Branson, successfully ventured to touch the edge of space to make the … Read more

Virgin Galactic shares rise after successful Branson flight paves wave for space tourism industry

Shares of Virgin Galactic rose slightly on Monday following the commercial spaceflight company’s successful test flight with founder Sir Richard Branson. Shares of Virgin Galactic — which trades under ticker SPCE —are up 2% in premarket trading after the company successfully completed its first fully crewed test flight into suborbital space on Sunday, a major … Read more

Billionaire Richard Branson lands safely after touching edge of space

Ushering in a new space age, Virgin Galactic‘s billionaire CEO Richard Branson on Sunday touched the edge of space with three employees, including one of Indian-origin, and has landed safely back to Earth. “Congratulations to all those who created such a beautiful space,” he said from space. Branson flew aboard his Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity … Read more

Billionaires fight over what is actual outer space as Branson gets set to launch before Bezos

Virgin Galactic’s Sir Richard Branson (L) and Blue Origin’s founder Jeff Bezos. Getty Images Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos are set to launch themselves just weeks apart, but the exact boundary and experience of their spaceflights has become a point of contention. Branson’s Virgin Galactic flies above 80 kilometers (or about 262,00 feet), which is … Read more

Celebrity guinea pigs: Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos going to Space

Regrettably, such self-experimentations by physicians and other biological scientists are known to have led to few deaths too. By Dr Ajey Lele In this ongoing phase of Covid-19 epidemic, there has been much discussion about various aspects of vaccine development. Today, there are many people who voluntarily had to offer themselves as a ‘subject’ for … Read more