What Happens to Covid-19 Unemployment Benefits in 2021? Here’s What We Know.

Two pandemic unemployment programs used by 14 million people will end Dec. 26 and an extra $300-a-week in benefits won’t start unless President Trump signs into law a $900 billion aid package that extends the payments to workers—or Congress overrides a possible veto. Special pandemic-related programs and extra financial assistance have assisted workers who lost … Read more

Holiday Shoppers Steered Clear of Stores, Favoring Online Buying

Holiday sales grew, but not by much. During a remade shopping season, many Americans ditched stores for digital outlets. And pandemic buying trends that favored household goods and food over apparel continued, according to early sales data from firms that track shopper spending. U.S. retail sales rose 2.4% between Nov. 1 and Christmas Eve compared … Read more

Russia’s Covid Surge Exacts a Heavy Toll on Its Emergency Responders

ODINTSOVSKY DISTRICT, Russia—Olga Ilyina’s husband was struggling to breathe when she called an ambulance. After waiting nearly 24 hours for one to come, she used the Telegram messaging app to beg for assistance. Finally, an ambulance was dispatched, taking him to the same hospital here, 40 miles from Moscow, where she had already been admitted with … Read more

In Lockdown, France Says Pots and Pans Are Essential—but Not Silverware

PARIS—French supermarkets are still selling pajamas for children under four years old. Clothes aisles for older kids are cordoned off. You can buy pots and pans, but silverware—classified as table decoration—is restricted. Computers remain on store shelves. Gaming consoles don’t. Newspapers? Yes. The books section? Off limits. An effort by the government to spread the … Read more

Economy Week Ahead: Election, the Fed and Employment

The U.S. employment report for October caps a full week for economic and political news. Monday The Institute for Supply Management’s survey of purchasing managers at factories is expected to show another month of expanding activity in October. Strong demand for consumer goods and capital equipment has driven a manufacturing rebound after coronavirus-related disruptions depressed … Read more

Europe Aims to Emerge Smarter From Latest Lockdowns

One by one, governments across Europe are reintroducing strict new measures to tame a resurgent pandemic after concluding that light-touch strategies aimed at containing Covid-19 have failed to keep infections in check. Britain, France, Germany, Ireland, Austria and Belgium are all now back under pandemic-containment regimes similar to those imposed in the spring, with bars … Read more

Israel’s Second Lockdown Seems to Be Working Better Than Its First

TEL AVIV—Israel’s second coronavirus lockdown has been less stringent for individuals and more widely flouted than its first. The surprise: It seems to be working. As many countries across Europe impose new restrictions amid surging Covid-19 cases, Israel is gradually starting to emerge from its lockdown, which began in mid-September. New… Source link

How Two Restaurants Have Survived Covid-19. So Far.

They are rethinking everything they do. And then rethinking it again. Source link

With Fewer Covid-19 Restrictions, South’s Economy Outperforms Nation

When coronavirus cases began surging across the South this summer, the region seemed destined for the same economic setback the Northeast suffered during the spring. But by the end of summer, the South’s economy remained largely unscathed from the wave of infections. Its unemployment rate had fallen to 6.9%, the lowest of any region in … Read more

U.S. Budget Gap Tripled to Record $3.1 Trillion in Fiscal 2020, Treasury Says

WASHINGTON—The U.S. budget deficit tripled to a record $3.1 trillion in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30 as the government battled the global coronavirus pandemic that plunged the country into a recession, has taken more than 217,000 American lives and thrown millions out of work. As a share of economic output, the budget gap … Read more