MSI Prestige 14 Evo Review: Portability, But at What Cost?

Intel launched the new Evo brand along with its 11th Gen laptop processors in late 2020, and laptops that have earned this label are now appearing in the Indian market. If you see this sticker on a laptop, it means that the manufacturer has worked with Intel to improve its designs and reduce weight, while … Read more

MSI Summit, Prestige, Modern Series Laptop Models Refreshed for 2021

MSI Summit, Prestige, and Modern series laptop models have been updated with the latest Intel 11th-Gen Tiger Lake CPUs. The MSI Summit series includes the Summit E15 and Summit B15 laptops, the MSI Prestige series includes Prestige 15, Prestige 14, and Prestige 14 Evo models. Lastly, the MSI Modern series includes Modern 15 and Modern … Read more