Love in the Time of Eczema: 3 Influencers Get Real About Dating With a Chronic Skin Condition

Millions of Facebook users list their relationship status as “it’s complicated,” but for people with eczema, that phrase takes on a special meaning. Here, in a group interview via Zoom, three social media influencers speak candidly about what it’s like to hook up and couple up while coping with a chronic skin condition. All three … Read more

A Mother’s Love: The Challenges of Parenting a Child With Eczema

A loving mother wants, above all else, good health for her child. Imagine, then, the emotional impact of discovering that your baby has eczema, of wishing more than anything to take away the itching and irritation. And imagine the worry when a woman with eczema becomes pregnant. The what-ifs are huge. Fortunately, there is excellent … Read more

The Romantic: A Bowel Resection Is Not an Obstacle to Love

By Alexa Federico, as told to Lisa Mulcahy. I’m 27, I live in Boston, and I’m a certified nutritional therapy practitioner, an AIP coach, an author, and the owner of my own business, Alexa Federico Wellness. And I have Crohn’s disease. I was 12 when I was diagnosed. Many of my close friends have only … Read more

The Chef: How the Kitchen Can Heal and Help You Love Food Again

By Douglass Williams, as told to Champ Clark I was diagnosed with Crohn’s when I was 16. We knew something was wrong. At first, they thought it was appendicitis, but the doctors at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia rightly identified it as Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s is an inflammation of the intestines, and mine was smack in … Read more