MSI Prestige 14 Evo Review: Portability, But at What Cost?

Intel launched the new Evo brand along with its 11th Gen laptop processors in late 2020, and laptops that have earned this label are now appearing in the Indian market. If you see this sticker on a laptop, it means that the manufacturer has worked with Intel to improve its designs and reduce weight, while … Read more

Security, Manageability, and Multi-Tasking in the Age of Remote Work

Along with new processors for gaming laptops, self-driving car tech, and previews of next-gen architectures, Intel used its presence at CES 2021 to launch the 11th Gen vPro platform for a new wave of business laptops. What sets vPro-enabled PCs apart from ordinary ones is additional validated hardware and software for security, reliability, and remote … Read more

Intel Builds M15 Customisable Laptop for Small Brands to Take on HP, Dell

Intel’s NUC M15 productivity laptop will give smaller brands new impetus to take on the likes of Dell and HP. It’s part of Intel’s ‘Next Unit of Computing’ or NUC line (pronounced “Knuck”) that had so far been focussing on mini desktop PCs, especially compact gaming rigs. The NUC M15, codenamed ‘Bishop Country’, is a … Read more

What to Expect from New Intel ‘Evo’ Laptops Launching Later This Year

Laptops from multiple manufacturers hitting the market later this year will bear Intel’s new ‘Evo’ branding, which is meant to signify that they are premium ultraportables that have gone through extensive testing and validation at the design stage. Intel will also be rolling out high-profile marketing and advertisements to promote these laptops. Readers might recall a similar … Read more

Intel ‘Tiger Lake’ Gen 11 CPUs: What to Know Before Buying a New Laptop

Intel has just announced the first of its 11th Gen Core CPUs, codenamed ‘Tiger Lake’, which are interesting for a number of reasons including the use of Intel’s powerful new Iris Xe integrated graphics capabilities, and also improvements to performance and battery life thanks to a more modern architecture. They will be available later this … Read more

Intel Reveals New ‘Evo’ Badge for Premium Ultraportable Laptops, New Logo

Along with its 11th Gen Core CPU family based on the Tiger Lake architecture, Intel has launched the Intel Evo platform, a new public-facing name and branding opportunity for its Project Athena initiative that aims to fine-tune the performance and experience delivered by premium ultraportable laptops. The new badge replaces the clunky previous “Engineered for … Read more

Intel 11th Gen Core i7, i5, i3 ‘Tiger Lake’ 10nm CPUs for Laptops Launched

After disclosing high-level details of its new Tiger Lake CPU architecture, based on the ‘Willow Cove’ core design and new Xe-LP integrated graphics last month, Intel has now officially taken the wraps off the actual chips in its 11th Gen Core lineup. There are 9 CPUs in total, across the Core i3, Core i5, and … Read more