Russia-Ukraine war latest: Zelenskiy calls on west for planes and tanks; Biden says ‘butcher’ Putin cannot remain in power – live

I wish at least a percentage of their courage to those who have been thinking for 31 days how to transfer a dozen or two of planes or tanks … Ukraine cannot shoot down Russian missiles using shotguns, machine guns, which are too much in supplies. And it is impossible to unblock Mariupol without a … Read more

IMF chief: Ukraine war to slow global growth, some countries face recession risk

New International Monetary Fund forecasts due in April will show that the war in Ukraine will slow global economic growth, but will not cause a global recession, IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said on Tuesday. Georgieva, speaking in an online event hosted by Foreign Policy magazine, said that some weak emerging economies still struggling with … Read more

Ukraine crisis live news: fears of wider invasion as Russia recognises expanded borders of Donetsk and Luhansk

Like many of her friends, Tatyana, a barista at the fashionable Moscow coffee-shop chain Skuratov, was glued to the screen of her mobile phone as Vladimir Putin addressed the nation. “Usually, I don’t watch television, especially when our president speaks. But I felt like I had to tune in this time. I was witnessing history … Read more

UK politics live: Boris Johnson unveils sanctions on five Russian banks and three individuals

Latest updates: prime minister tells MPs Russian president has staged ‘renewed invasion’ of Ukraine Russia condemned at UN after Putin orders troops into eastern Ukraine Ukraine-Russia crisis: latest updates According to a report by Lucy Fisher in the Telegraph, Russian oligarchs have been lobbying the Foreign Office in the hope of ensuring they avoid being … Read more

Nord Stream 2 could be major leverage against Russia — but using it is complicated

A worker adjusts a pipeline valve at the Gazprom PJSC Slavyanskaya compressor station, the starting point of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, in Ust-Luga, Russia, on Thursday, Jan. 28, 2021. Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images Russia will lose tens of billions of dollars if a pipeline project to transport gas to Germany is … Read more

Asia’s top risk in 2022 will be U.S.-China tensions over Taiwan, says political risk analyst

Chinese and U.S. flags flutter near The Bund, before U.S. trade delegation meet their Chinese counterparts for talks in Shanghai, China July 30, 2019. Aly Song | Reuters The tense relationship between the U.S. and China over Taiwan will be the main risk for Asia in the year ahead, according to one political risk analyst. … Read more

Philippine President Duterte’s China pivot hasn’t reduced tensions in the South China Sea

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in April, 2019 in Beijing, China. Kenzaburo Fukuhara | Kyodo News | Getty Images More than five years on, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s Beijing-friendly postures have not tamed China’s aggression in the disputed South China Sea — and the next Philippine leader should be bolder … Read more

Germany’s head of navy calls China’s naval power buildup ‘explosive’ and a cause of worry

China’s growing naval power is “explosive” and a cause for concern, said German Chief of Navy, Vice Adm. Kay-Achim Schonbach, who urged Beijing to follow the international rules-based order. Schonbach said China is increasing the size of its navy by the equivalent of the entire French navy every four years. “I can understand the political … Read more

Ukraine calls for urgent Russia sanctions as some EU leaders push for Nord Stream 2 to be added to list

Ukraine wants the EU to quickly outline a package of sanctions to use against Russia if the Kremlin chooses to step up its military aggression against Kyiv. The call comes as concerns grow about the intentions of President Vladimir Putin and the increasing Russian troop presence near the Ukrainian border. “If you at least set … Read more

EU warns Russia: If you invade Ukraine, there will be a high price to pay

Conscripts line up at a railway station before departing for military service with the Russian Army. Sergei Malgavko | TASS | Getty Images BRUSSELS — The European Union is concerned about Russia’s “aggressive” stance toward its neighbors, warning Moscow that it will pay a “high price” if it invades Ukraine. U.S. officials said earlier this … Read more