White House Concerns Grow Over Emerging TikTok Deal With Oracle

WASHINGTON—President Trump has told advisers he is uncomfortable with a pending deal for Oracle Corp. to become TikTok’s U.S. technology partner, according to people familiar with conversations, in another sign that the proposed tie-up isn’t yet a done deal. Mr. Trump’s private concerns were echoed publicly on Thursday by White House chief of staff Mark … Read more

Japan’s Next Leader to Be Thrust Into Clash Over China

TOKYO—Yoshiyuki Kasai, longtime boss of Japan’s biggest bullet-train line, says he thinks Tokyo’s alliance with the U.S. comes first and China needs to hear that message. If Beijing doesn’t like it, he says, tough luck. Hiroaki Nakanishi, head of Japan’s most powerful business federation, says he thinks that attitude is self-defeating. After all its work … Read more

U.S. Government Sells a Hong Kong Compound for $332 Million

The U.S. government agreed to sell a compound for consulate staff in one of Hong Kong’s most exclusive residential areas to a local developer for nearly a third of a billion dollars. Property agent CBRE Group Inc. said on Thursday the buyer would pay $332 million (reported as 2.57 billion Hong Kong dollars), for the … Read more

Spy Agency to Help Shield New Zealand’s Exchange From Cyberattack

WELLINGTON, New Zealand—New Zealand activated its National Security System in response to a prolonged cyberattack that disrupted trading on the country’s stock exchange this week. Trading on New Zealand’s securities market was halted for a fourth day on Friday by a denial of service attack that NZX Ltd., the exchange’s operator, said came from overseas. … Read more

In a Shattered Beirut, Property Predators Circle Storied Neighborhoods

As Beirut reels from the blast that killed more than 180 people and damaged thousands of homes in prime areas of the city, some buyers and real-estate brokers are seeking to exploit the devastation with cut-rate offers to buy property from distressed owners—deals that could ultimately reshape Beirut’s historic neighborhoods. Source link

Israel and U.A.E. Get Down to Business

Investors in Israel and the United Arab Emirates are moving to strike deals in a business environment transformed by a diplomatic breakthrough between the two countries. Last week’s surprise move by the U.A.E. to normalize relations with Israel in a U.S.-backed shift paves the way for establishing direct flights, opening telecommunications links, exploring joint ventures … Read more