Intercity bus lines look to win over wary travelers with upgraded, expanded services

The Jet offers one-by-two luxury seating in its 14-passenger coaches between New York and Washington, D.C., along with at-seat attendant service and UV air filtration. The Jet For New York City resident James Gilmer, 28, long-distance travel by bus usually means something very specific: getting to and from his hometown of Pittsburgh during the holidays. … Read more

See what Christmas looks like in 10 places around the world

Glittering pine trees, Santa Claus and stockings are part of many people’s ideas of Christmas, but the holiday can look vastly different around the globe. From Europe to Asia to the depths of Antarctica, here’s how Christmas is celebrated in nine places around the world — and one place orbiting around the world. Croatia Christmas … Read more

The country that celebrates Christmas for more than 4 months a year

In the centuries-old carol “The 12 Days of Christmas,” celebrations span less than two weeks.   Today Christmas is regularly celebrated throughout December, and in some places, a good portion of November too.  But four months of festivities in the Philippines gives new meaning to the term “holiday season.” The ‘ber’ months Christmas is celebrated … Read more

People who work in the travel industry share their best holiday vacation tips

Even without a pandemic, holiday travel isn’t for the faint of heart. Millions are expected to travel this month, with threats of volatile weather and the omicron variant further stressing out people eager to close Year 2 of the pandemic. To help travelers prepare, CNBC Travel asked industry insiders this question: What’s your one, solid … Read more

4 charts show what the travel industry looks like 2 years into the Covid pandemic

After a year of heavy losses, the travel industry is finally showing some signs of bouncing back — even as the emergence of the Covid-19 omicron variant has led some countries to tighten their borders again. Increased vaccination rates, pent-up demand and accumulated savings helped spur demand for global tourism through 2021 as nationwide lockdowns … Read more

Iceland takes a swipe at Zuckerberg’s ‘Meta’ announcement in new viral tourism video

If the goal was to get people talking about Iceland, a new tourism video is more than succeeding.   A video published yesterday by Inspired by Iceland, a marketing campaign for Icelandic tourism, takes aim at a Mark Zuckerberg video released in October announcing Facebook’s name change to Meta. In it, Zuckerberg hypes the so-called … Read more

This 30-year-old visited every country in the world. Here’s how he paid for it

It took 1,458 flights and 1,117 buses and trains for Drew Binsky to reach his goal of traveling to every country in the world. And he did it in less than a decade. CNBC spoke with Binsky nine hours after he touched down in his last country — Saudi Arabia — about how he financed … Read more

A buried building near Jerusalem’s Western Wall is opening to travelers – here’s what it looks like

Christian travelers visit Jerusalem to retrace Jesus’ final footsteps along the Via Dolorosa, Muslims to revere the Dome of the Rock, and Jewish people to insert written prayers into the cracks of the Western Wall. Some people do all three. Come December, travelers will have a new option available to them when visiting Jerusalem. They … Read more

The world’s tallest observation wheel is opening in Dubai next month

Ferris wheels were once the center of the town fair. Now they are key parts of major metropolitan skylines. But none can top the heights of the Ain Dubai — meaning “Dubai Eye” in Arabic — which is scheduled to open on Oct. 21.  With a height of 820 feet, it will be the tallest … Read more

People are booking Christmas vacations earlier than ever before

What a difference a year can make. Last September, the travel industry agonized over a dearth of Christmas bookings. This September, some hotels are already fully booked for the holiday season.   People are reserving their Christmas vacations earlier this year, despite an unsettling rise in Covid-19 infections caused by the highly contagious delta variant. … Read more