Covid hotspots listed and tributes to iconic Charlton

Newspaper headlines: Coronavirus ‘hotspots’ and tributes to football ‘legend’ By BBC News Staff Image caption Virtually all the front pages feature a picture of 1966 World Cup winner Jack Charlton, who has died aged 85. “Forever a hero”, declares the Sunday Telegraph, which describes the former Leeds defender and Republic of Ireland manager as “one … Read more

Journalists in shock as Russia hunts enemy within

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The FSB released images of their arrest of Safronov in Moscow As Ivan Safronov was led into court, hands cuffed and head pushed down by two masked guards, he managed just one sentence. “I’m not guilty,” he told a crowd of supporters packed into the corridor. The arrest of … Read more

Brexit Party will campaign to scrap the Senedd

Image caption “Devolution has gone so much further” than some people thought it would, according to Mark Reckless, the Brexit Party’s leader in the Senedd The Brexit Party will campaign in next year’s Senedd election to scrap the current system of devolution. Mark Reckless, leader of the party’s group in the Welsh Parliament, said “devolution … Read more

Could this become Mexico’s bloodiest year on record?

Image copyright AFP Image caption Police in Mexico have faced a surge of violence In the two years since Andrés Manuel López Obrador won the presidential election in Mexico by a landslide, the country has endured many violent moments. But recent months have been especially bloody and brutal. On 7 June, an astonishing 117 murders … Read more

Why this police-free protest zone ultimately failed

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Less than a month after it was set up, Seattle’s Chop protest zone was cleared On 8 June, after a number of increasingly dangerous clashes between protesters and law enforcement, police officers in a popular area of downtown Seattle abandoned their precinct. Hundreds of activists, who had been demonstrating against … Read more

‘If you don’t break the chain, then who will?’

Across the US, street artists have been inspired by the death of George Floyd earlier this year. Tributes have appeared from California to Colorado and New York’s Lower East Side. And after shops and businesses were damaged in Chicago, many artists started painting on the boarded up shopfronts. Damon Lamar Reed told us more about … Read more

The Hong Kong residents ready to leave for the UK

Image copyright Getty Images Since China imposed a draconian national security law on Hong Kong, a lot of dinner party chatter in this protest-minded city has been about personal exit strategies. For up to three million Hongkongers, the exit could come in the form of a British National (Overseas) passport. Will they really leave – … Read more