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We are fast approaching that time of the year when we should all be getting our proverbials in gear and begin gift-planning. Scent is an easy place to start. I know giving fragrances, while not as unimaginative as vouchers, can seem lazy, but the fragrances on this page all tap into something that goes beyond “Oh, that smells nice!” Chloé’s new iteration of their modern classic scent is now vegan – as are all Aesop’s fragrances – and a significant portion of the packaging has been created with reclaimed materials. The launch of Jo Malone London’s English Pear and Freesia saw the brand supporting the National Trust to restore these fruit trees and plant hundreds more. Gabar is a brilliant new brand created by two Myanmar-born women, and a chunk of the proceeds will go towards rebuilding their home country. (Byredo also taps into its own founder’s heritage with Mumbai Noise.) Nue Co’s Mind Energy uses olfactory technology and upcycled extracts in an effort to boost mental agility; while Estée Lauder’s luxe scent range – there are eight in the collection – underwent a neuroscensorial test that showed it elicited a spectrum of positive moods, including confidence and happiness. And let’s not underestimate the power of optics: the pared-down cool of Loewe, the grown-up chic of Givenchy and the unapologetically floral Gucci Gardenia… Beautiful concoctions, yes, but even looking at the bottles will bring you joy.

1. Jo Malone London English Pear and Freesia Cologne £72,
2. Loewe 7 EDT £64,
3. Gabar No III Swim EDP £120,
4. Aesop Erémia EDP £140,
5. Chloé Signature Naturelle EDP £55,
6. Byredo Mumbai Noise £122,
7. The Nue Co Mind Energy from £20,
8. Givenchy Enflammé £175,
9. Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia EDP £55,
10. Estée Lauder Infinite Sky EDP £68,

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