Rust trial: How events unfolded after fatal shooting on Alec Baldwin film set

Gutierrez-Reed sues the prop supplier, alleging his company distributed “a mix of dummy and live ammunition” on set.

She filed her legal claim in New Mexico state court, and was seeking unspecified damages from Seth Kenney and PDQ Arm and Prop LLC.

Her claim states: “The ammunition was misrepresented as only dummy ammunition when it contained both dummy and live ammunition.”

But in December, Kenney had told Good Morning America: “It’s not possible that they [the live rounds] came from PDQ or myself personally.”

Court documents state Gutierrez-Reed said police discovered seven bullets suspected of being live ammunition after the shooting, according to AFP news agency.

The documents said the bullets were distributed among a box of cartridges with other ammunition and cartridge belts, intended for the actors to use as accessories.

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