Internet sensations: Internet has made several people overnight stars, especially in last few years

Here are some names that have risen to fame thanks to social media.

The internet has made several people overnight stars, especially in the last few years. Here are some names that have risen to fame thanks to social media.

Bhuban Badyakar

Peanut seller Bhuban Badyakar from rural West Bengal was living his life selling peanuts, calling out to people by singing the song Kacha Badam. However, one fine day someone recorded his voice and his life was never the same again. The song started trending on Instagram reels and several celebrities have performed on the song through videos. It has also been reported that the peanut seller is now in talks with an international artiste who wants to adopt his song. Badyakar, who received several offers from Bollywood, has also got a makeover.

Kanta Prasad

Kanta Prasad, the owner of Delhi-based food joint ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ that he runs along with his wife, went viral after a YouTuber made a video praising his food and asked the public to visit his food joint to support the elderly couple. The video went viral as many empathised with the elderly couple. However, controversy erupted after Prasad alleged that the YouTuber had used the money received for the couple for himself and had given him bad publicity. He also said the publicity had taken a toll on his work, and he had slipped into depression after viewers started blaming him. He appealed to everyone to leave him alone.


In 2020, a video of a young boy Anushrut went viral on social media. In the video, the boy is seen getting a haircut with a sad expression. As the barber cuts his hair, the boy is seen crying and threatening the barber innocently. He tells the barber ‘taklu ho jaunga’. The internet swooned over the boy’s cute expressions. A few months later, part two of his haircut video went viral and the boy was seen threatening the barber again as the barber and his parents laughed.

Clearly, the young boy is not a fan of the scissor and the barber. The boy hails from Nagpur.

Somvati Mahawar

If the name Somvati Mahawar doesn’t resonate, her viral sentence that triggered a meme fest in 2018 and continues to do till date, will do. Almost everyone in India who is a fan of tea remembers ‘Hello friends, Chai Pee Lo’ — the viral sentence from Somvati’s video. Her video has garnered millions of views. In her videos, she can often be seen asking the viewers to have tea. She can also be seen sharing other such videos on her social media platforms. Popular brands like Netflix and Mother Dairy have also posted the ‘Chai Pee Lo’ meme after the woman became an overnight internet sensation.

Ranu Mondal

Ranu Mondal shot to fame in 2019 after she was recorded by a traveller singing the Hindi film song Ek pyaar ka nagma hai on a railway platform. As soon as the video went viral, people started praising her for her melodious voice. The video garnered 2.5 million views in a day or two of being uploaded. Mondal got several offers from Bollywood, got a makeover and was invited to perform in reality shows. She was offered to sing a song in Himesh Reshammiya’s film, and recently sang ‘Manike mage hithe’ which went viral on social media.

Vipin Sahu

In 2019, when Vipin Sahu went paragliding, he made the internet users laugh as he panicked with a hand over his chest. He can be seen paragliding along with the instructor as he looks scared and gasps for breath. He can be seen shouting and closing his eyes as he begs the instructor to go for the landing. The video was widely shared on social media and users also made memes of Sahu. He is now a YouTuber and was also seen as a contestant on the MTV Roadies reality show.

Sahdev Dirdo

Last year a young boy named Sahdev Dirdo was recorded singing Bachpan ka pyaar in a viral video. The video was circulated widely on several social media platforms and users made reels and videos using the rendition. The boy was praised for his skills and got offers from Bollywood. In fact, musician Badshah roped in the boy for a music video along with singer Aastha Gill. It was reported that the boy met with an accident a few months ago. Badshah later came forward to share that the boy was recovering.

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