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It is false economics to suggest that a decline in cycle sales means fewer people are cycling (Cycling growth in UK at risk of being left behind by Europe, experts warn, 8 August). When car sales drop, we do not say fewer people are driving. It is a change in consumer not travel behaviour.

Cost of living pressures are forcing people to consider cheaper alternatives for their shorter journeys. Regularly updated Department for Transport travel figures show a huge 47% surge in weekday cycling trips since petrol prices began escalating in March, much like we witnessed during the 70s when the oil crisis made driving unaffordable for many.

Increases in the cost of living affect everyone, forcing us to reconsider our options. One such option could be to return to a “repair and reuse” model, for which the humble bicycle is eminently suited.

Across England, Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival is on hand to give free support – both mechanical and personal – to help people fix their old bikes, and discover the confidence to travel not just sustainably but cheaply too.
Sarah Mitchell
CEO, Cycling UK

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