Coronavirus Latest Live Updates: In India’s battle plan for third wave, this ‘X’ factor can change everything

Healthcare workers are seen inside a ward for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi. (Reuters photo)

Coronavirus Case and Fatality Rate in India, Coronavirus Third Wave Updates September 8 Live News: What is the status of India’s preparedness against the possible third wave of the novel coronavirus? The latest Reuters report highlights two key factors – a: an overhaul of the health infrastructure and b: a high level of immunity via vaccination and natural infections. If we look at the country’s health infra, efforts are being made to better the availability of hospital beds and medical oxygen. In Delhi, hospitals such as Sir Ganga Ram are working to get their own supply of medical oxygen. Other hospitals and health centres are also being advised to do the same. While the Centre has said that special focus should be on paediatric care, the latest dengue outbreak in Uttar Pradesh and poor rural health infra exposes the claims by the state governments.

Now, let’s look at the immunity factor. As of today, 17 per cent of the adult population has been fully vaccinated in India. When we talk about the first dose, the figure stands at 57%. With a high vaccination rate coupled with the relatively lesser prevalence of new strains of Covid-19 in India, the situation looks encouraging. Eminent virologist Dr Gagandeep Kang has also said that India may not face any new wave of coronavirus ‘if’ the country doesn’t see any new mutated strain of coronavirus. However, this caveat needs to be understood.

It was the same time last year when the scientists had detected what the world today knows as the Delta variant. With the upcoming festive season and scant regard for Covid norms may upset India’s recovery story.


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