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The Maharashtra Government has issued the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for restaurants that are to reopen from Monday under the state government’s ‘Mission Begin Again’ initiative. The guidelines have been issued by the Directorate of Tourism to keep a check on coronavirus infection.

As per the guidelines, restaurants including cafes, canteens, dining halls, licensed food and beverages units, clubs and bars can reopen from Monday with 50% occupancy.

Here are some important guidelines:

– All customers should be checked for symptoms of coronavirus by means of a device such as a thermal gun at the entrance. Only customers with no symptoms should be admitted.

– Social distance should be observed while serving or waiting.

– Customers should be allowed only if they are wearing a mask. Customers are required to wear a mask at all times other than eating.

– Establishment operators are required to provide hand sanitisers to the customers. They should be made available at important places in the area.

– Encourage digital currency delivery.

– The cashier and customer should preferably have a plexiglass screen at the counter. If possible, keep separate entrances and exits.

– If possible, keep doors and windows open and allow fresh air to enter, avoid using AC. If it is mandatory to use AC, the system should be disinfected from time to time.
– Make contactless menu card available through a medium like QR codes.

– The space should be disinfected after each customer’s use. Tables, chairs, counters etc. should be disinfected from time to time.

– Buffet service will not be allowed. Pre-plated dishes should be promoted in the menu where possible.

– Live entertainment programs are prohibited. Also, billiards, darts, video games and other games will be banned. Indoor and outdoor card rooms will be prohibited.

– It is imperative that all establishments conduct regular coronavirus test of all their employees.

– Customers should pre-book the space whenever possible to avoid congestion.

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