Super-30 fame Anand Kumar to open school for students in Bihar

Anand Kumar, who is the founder of Super-30 coaching institute, is planning to open a school in Bihar by 2025 “to groom students and make them a good human being”.

On September 5, Teachers’ Day, Mr. Kumar is expected to launch an eight-part series of “The Anand Kumar Show” on a private news channel. Through this series, Mr. Kumar will help students who are preparing for different competitive examinations in the country and mentoring them.

“The first part of the series will began on Teacher’s Day, and it will deal with growing incidents of students dying by suicide because of high expectations from them performing well in academics. We recently got several reports of students dying by suicide in Kota, Rajasthan,” Mr. Kumar told The Hindu.

Mr. Kumar, who recently was featured in a business newspaper of Japan, revealed that he has been working with the idea of opening a school to groom students for last several years and now time is up for that idea to take shape.

“By 2025, we will be opening a school in Bihar, where I was born and got everything in my life through Super-30 coaching institute. From next year, the campaign for the school will be launched on social media,” added Mr. Kumar.

Stating that his proposed school would lay stress on imparting practical knowledge, he says, “It will be a school quite different from other educational institutions in the country. The students will go to an agricultural field, do carpentry work or whatever they like. They will not be groomed to be a bookworm, but to brace themselves for practical knowledge in life.”

The institute, which was started in 2002, selects and enrols 30 talented students from economically underprivileged sections and trains them clear Joint Entrance Engineering Examination (JEE).

Talking about future plans of the coaching institute, he says, ““The school would be the extension of the coaching institute, super 30”, he said. Over 218 students, so far, have qualified for the IIT entrance examination from Super 30 since it was started in 2002. “Several of them have got into other prestigious engineering colleges of the country,” he adds.

The 2019 movie “Super 30” featuring Hrithik Roshan, Mrunal Thakur, Pankaj Tripathi and others was based on Anand Kumar’s struggle with his coaching institute and his life.

“Now the time has come to spread wings of the coaching institute, and in my proposed school, the focus will be much on the holistic development of the students in natural surroundings,” Mr. Kumar says. “My intentional is to groom them (students) to become a good human being,” he added.

When asked why he chose September 5 to start his TV show, he says, “This is to reach out to millions and millions of students through the programme. I will not be teaching them but motivating them in several ways, covering and speaking about different issues concerning them most in different episodes of the programme.”

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