Lawyers continue protest in the Nilgiris
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Lawyers in the Nilgiris continued their protest demanding roads, transport and basic amenities at the Combined Court Complex in Udhagamandalam, which started functioning from Friday.

Members of the Nilgiris District Bar Association observed a fast on Thursday demanding road access to the newly constructed facility in Kakkathope on the outskirts of the town. They also demanded better public transport for litigants, basic amenities such as water, electricity and internet connections as well as allocation of advocates’ chambers to members of the Bar at the complex that was constructed at ₹37.5 crore.

On Friday, nine of the courts at the Combined Court Complex started functioning. However, president of the Nilgiris District Bar Association P. Chandrabose stated that the lawyers were planning to meet the Chief Justice of the Madras High Court and submit a list of their demands. The lawyers boycotted the court on Thursday and Friday and stated that their protest would continue till their demands were met.

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