India-China faceoff: New satellite images depict extremely fluid situation at LAC | Exclusive

The latest imagery accessed by India Today suggests that the Chinese claims of Indian Army crossing the LAC may not be true at all.

IAF fighter jet flies over Ladakh amid border tension with China on Sept 9, 2020. (Photo: PTI)

The first set of high resolution satellite imagery since the preemptive operation by the Indian Army at the southern bank of Pangong Lake, show an extremely fluid situation at the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The latest imagery accessed by India Today suggests that the Chinese claims of Indian Army crossing the LAC may not be true at all.

While there are no visible signs of occupation of the peak of Helmet top mountain by either forces, images show presence of a cluster of Chinese military vehicles and camouflaged tents at the bottom of the mountain. The tracks to the empty Helmet top are seen leading from the Chinese side.

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(Satellite images by ©2020 Maxar Technologies)

These high resolution images were captured on September 7 by the Worldview satellites of Maxar Technologies.

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On the north bank of the lake, the Chinese army seems to have vacated some of the ridgeline positions at finger four.


New images show that the spots seen occupied by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in earlier images are now vacant.


As earlier reported by India Today, the PLA has vacated the shores of finger four areas but continue to build additional infrastructure between finger five and finger eight.


The distance between new Chinese position and finger four flash point is almost 1.7 km. The Chinese build up on the shores of finger five include a mix of more than 20 armour protected vehicles and heavy military vehicles.


Additional Chinese tents and camouflaged material can also be seen on the shores of finger five. The Chinese build up also indicates that the PLA could be preparing for a long haul in this area.


Earlier, the PLA’s western theatre command issued a statement accusing the Indian armed forces of crossing the LAC.


The Indian Army issued a statement categorically refuting the statement made by the Chinese army and said “at no stage has the Indian Army transgressed across the LAC or resorted to use of any aggressive means, including firing”.


Both sides continue to engage via the regular Brigade Commander-level meets but without much success.


The Indian Army said that the Chinese army resorted to firing gunshots in the air while trying to take over an Indian position north of Rezang La on September 7. As of now, both sides have held five meetings at the Corps Commander-level so far.

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