Exclusive | Rhea Chakraborty’s brother Showik to NCB: Arranged marijuana for Sushant several times

India Today has accessed a copy of Showik Chakraborty’s statement to the Narcotics Control Bureau in which he had confessed arranging marijuana for Sushant Singh Rajput. The statement had been recorded with the NCB under 67 NDPS Act. In the statement, Showik accepted that he used to supply hash, weed and bud to Sushant’s home before and during the lockdown. He revealed that the drug peddlers, Basit Parihar and Suryadeep Malhotra, who were also arrested by the NCB, used to provide the drugs to him.

Showik Chakraborty revealed that her sister Rhea Chakraborty paid for the buds supplied to Sushant Singh Rajput’s house using credit cards. He said, “Yes, I have arranged manicured marijuana for Sushant Singh Rajput on several occasions. Sushant used to take buds and weeds and this was confirmed to me by Samuel Miranda and Siddharth Pithani.”


In his statement, Showik Chakraborty accepted his WhatsApp chats with Basit Parihar and Rhea Chakraborty, in which they are seen discussing drugs. He said, “On March 16, 2020, I on the basis of my conversation with Sushant Singh Rajput told Rhea that the actor has asked for weed and hash. Through WhatsApp chat, my sister confirmed that he used to take weed 4-5 times a day. So, I arranged 5 gram of bud, which is enough for 20 times.”

He added, “Then I contacted Basit, who sent me the rates. Later, I sent it to Rhea and Samuel Miranda. I linked Basit to Miranda and Basit linked him to Zaid Vilatra (The NCB have CDR records of Zaid with Miranda on the same date). The consignment was delivered at 5 pm near Eat Around the Corner restaurant in Bandra.”

The statement further reads, “On April 15, 2020, Samuel Miranda contacted me for curated marijuana. I again approached Basit and he sourced marijuana through Kaizan Ibrahim. Dipesh then took the delivery.”

“On March 17, I enquired about the stock of bud as Sushant was concerned about it due to lockdown. Samuel tol me that 2 packets are remaining. So I told him that I will give him the number of a person who used to supply buds. I also suggested Rhea’s credit card for payment,” said Showik Chakraborty in his statement to the NCB.

Showik said that the weed used to be supplied to Sushant Singh Rajput’s house in bags.

Read Showik Chakraborty’s full statement to NCB below:

Voluntary statement u/s 67 of NDPS Act rendered by Showik Chakraborty, S/o Indrajit Chakraborty, given before Sh. S.N. Prasad, Intelligence Officer NCB, Mumbai Zonal Unit in response of the summons/s 67 of NDPS Act issued him dated 04/09/2020. As I know the computer English typing so I requested NCB officer to provide me a computer along with printer to record my voluntary statement.

I, Showik Chakraborty S/o Indrajit Chakraborty age 24 years appear before you in response of the summons u/s 67 of NDPS Act issued to me dated 04/09/2020. On being asked, I state that my father’s name is Mr. Indrajit Chakraborty and mother name is Mrs. Sandhya Chakraborty. I am a native of West Bengal but resides at various places across India as my father was in Army and having postings at several places. I am residing in 101, Primrose Apartment, Santacruz(W) since 2015. I studied Bachelor of Management Studies from Usha Pravin Gandhi College and presently I am enrolled in IMT Gaziabad for Masters in Management Studies. My sister Rhea is film actress and my father is presently retired and mother is housewife. Presently, I am only a student and no source of earning. I have interned at various places and I have earned remuneration for the same. I have played at district level for Ambala, Army Public School. I have also participated at Zonal level as an athlete.

On being asked about the nature of my relation with Sushant Singh Rajput, I answer that my sister, Rhea Chakraborty was in a relationship with Sushant since April, 2019 and they had been living together since December 2019 till June, 2020. As my sister was in a relationship with Sushant, so I also came in to good contacts of Sushant and he invited me to his house many times. As a gesture of courtesy, I visited to Shushant first time in April 2019. I must say, Sushant, as a person, was very welcoming and friendly. So, I had developed good bonding with Sushant.

I would like to say that when I started visiting Sushant I came to know he is smoking buds and weeds and same was later confirmed by his friends Siddharth Pithani aka Buddha and Samuel Haokip. Further, on being asked whether I have arranged any narcotic drugs for Sushant Singh Rajput or Rhea Chakraborty or anyone else, I state that I have arranged manicured marijuana and hashish for Sushant Singh Rajput. I also state that even though I arranged the drugs for Sushant many times, I remember the recent instances where I arranged drugs for him through my friends.

On being asked to elaborate on these occasions, I disclose the following facts: On 16/03/2020, in the context of a pervious conversation that I had with Sushant Singh Rajput at his home in Bandra I spoke to my sister Rhea Chakraborty and told her about requirement of weed (marijuana) and hash (hashish) requested by Sushant Singh Rajput. Through WhatsApp chat, my sister told me that Sushant is taking marijuana at least 4- 5 times a day and based on this I told her that I will arrange 5 grams of Bud (curated marijuana) which was enough for smoking 20 times. Then I contacted Abdel Basit Parihar, a friend of mine, for sourcing this quality of Bud and shared the rates of Bud with Rhea and Samuel as Samuel Miranda used to be the house manager of Sushant then.

He handled everything that happened in the house of Sushant. Then, I shared Samuel’s contact number with Abdel Basit Parihar. As per my knowledge, I could say that Basit shared contact number of Samuel with another friend Zaid and Zaid delivered that drug to Samuel near Eat around Corner in Bandra area at about 05 PM on 17.03.2020.

One more instance I could remember that on 15.04.2020, Samuel Miranda contacted me over WhatsApp and asked for supply of drugs for Shushant Singh Rajput and for this I remember Dipesh Sawant also texted me. I also had a conversation with my sister Rhea in this regard. For providing drugs, I contacted Basit again and requested for curated marijuana but Basit told me he can provide hash through one of his friends as lockdown due to Covid-19 is going and supply is short. On my request, Basit provided drug to Dipesh through some guy called Kaizan later it was told to me by Basit.

After this I was shown a printout of my WhatsApp chats with Rhea, Samuel, Basit, Dipesh and the officer informed me that these chat transcripts were received from Enforcement Directorate by them from the extracted data of my phone.

I read the content of chat transcript and acknowledged that this exactly extracted from my phone

Q: As per your statement, on 17.03.2020 you have arranged a delivery of curated marijuana for Sushant Singh Rajput regarding that what conversations done with Rhea Chakraborty and what is your say on Chat transcripts between you and Rhea.

A: Between 15.03.2020 and 17.03.2020, Sushant Singh Rajput requested me to connect with some people to who can arrange bud for him. Accordingly on 16.03.2020, I chatted with and talked to Rhea and found out that he smokes around 04 marijuana joints a day. I immediately called my friend Abdel Basit, who after contacting one Bud supplier named Zaid conveyed me that a gram of Bud would cost Rs. 2000/- and with 5 gram of Bud one could make 20 joints. Then Rhea replied saying let me pay for the Bud and let Samuel Miranda buy the Hash. Further I cannot remember as to why I have replied that there is no Hash. And the rest conversation is a general nature related to family affairs.

Q: Who is Samuel Miranda and what is his relationship with you and Rhea?

A: Samuel Miranda was the house manager of Sushant Singh Rajput and he handled all matters at his house. He also handled the daily finances of Sushant Singh Rajput and he was the person who paid for the drugs Sushant purchased.

Q: As per your statement, on 17.03.2020 you have arranged a delivery of curated marijuana for Sushant Singh Rajput regarding that what conversations done with Samuel Miranda and what is your say on chat transcripts between you and Samuel Miranda?

A: On 17.03.2020, I enquired as to how many bags of weed is there as Sushant requested me to figure out quantity before buy Bud. Then Samuel said I have got 2 pkts already. Then I said I would give you Bud guy’s number who will deliver it to you and for payment given option by Card of Rhea as she suggested me. Thereafter meanwhile between 17.03.2020 to 23.03.2020, Sushant express his concern about stock as lockdown was about to be implemented. I enquired about this with Samuel and he replied saying 1.5 bags.

Q: What is approx weight of 1 weed bag.

A: I don’t know as I have seen in cigarette form only.

Q: How did you contact with Basit for delivery?

A: We talked over phone only. Basit contacted with one of his friend Zaid and forwarded his contact to me and further it was sent to Samuel by me. As per my knowledge Samuel connected it directly from Zaid.

Q: As per your statement, on 17.04.2020 you have arranged a delivery of Hash for Sushant Singh Rajput regarding that what conversations done with Samuel Miranda and what is your say on Chat transcripts between you and Samuel Miranda?

A: Between 15.04.2020 and 17.04.2020, Sushant called me and conveyed me that his stock of Bud and weed were about to over and same was conveyed to me by Samuel Miranda. When Samuel Miranda initially requested me to arrange weed or Bud for Sushant , I said that I don’t have much contacts to arrange Bud and Weed frequently however on 17.042020 samuel again contacted me over whatsapp chat and conveyed that his old suppliers like Karamjeet (KJ) have run dry of drugs. Then Samuel asked me to talk to Rhea. I called Rhea and as Sushant and Rhea were together at that time and she said anything will work for Sushant. Then again I contacted with Basit regarding Bud or weed but he replied that only Hash (Hashish) was available. He also informed me about the price i.e. Rs 6,500/- per tola (per 10 grams). I forwarded the same information to Samuel and suggested him to split the cost of stuff after talking with Rhea. I would like submit that Dipesh Sawant received the delivery of Hash for Basit’s friend.

Q: As per your statement, on 17.04.2020 you have arranged a delivery of Hash for Sushant Singh Rajput regarding that what conversations done with Basit, and what is your say on Chat transcripts between you and Basit?

A: As per the chat shown to me of date 15.04.2020 and 17.04.2020 that I had initially asked Basit for Bud on 15.04.2020 and he had replied that Kaizan has Bud which cost Rs 2,500/- per gram. Further I chatted with Basit about video game. Later in the evening on 15.04.2020, after talking to Basit, he told me the price of Hash was Rs 5,000/-. Since what he told was unclear to me, I chatted with him and he told me there were two options one gram for Rs 6,500/- and half gram for Rs 5,000/- but in lockdown the collection is difficult.

On 17.04.2020, I again chatted with Basit and he confirmed me that his friend will be able to deliver hashish today. I conveyed the same to Samuel immediately and he said that Dipesh Sawant would collect the delivery. I had only requested Basit to get it deliver near MontBlanc Apartments near Joggers Parks.

Q: What was the financial trail?

A: I have never paid or received any money in this trail and I accept, on one occasion my sister card was used to pay for deliveries rest of all were paid by sushant’s finance manager Samuel Miranda.

Q: Do you have any e-wallet like Paytm, Google Pay etc?

A: I have Google Pay & Paytm registered with my mobile number.

Q: Do you have any bank account? If you have provide details?

A: Yes I have bank account at Axis Bank, Khar Branch. I don’t remember a/c number at present.

Q: Do you know Suryadeep Malhotra. If yes, how?

A: Yes, I know Suryadeep Malhotra. He is my school friend. He lives in Worli Mumbai, though I don’t know his complete address and do not remember his mobile number.

Q: Do you know Basit Parihar, Kaizan Ebrahim, Zaid Vilatra and Suryadeep Malhotra?

A: I know Basit Parihar and Suryadeep Malhotra but I do not know Kaizan Ebrahim and Zaid Vilatra.

Q: How do you know Kaizan Ebrahim and Basit Parihar?

A: I know Basit Parihar through a mutual friend. I do not know Kaizan Ebrahim.

Q: Do you know Samuel Miranda?

A: Yes, I know Samueal Miranda as he was the house manager of Sushant Singh Rajput and I was friends with Sushant Singh Rajput.

Q: Do you smoke any narcotic drug?

A: No, I do not smoke any narcotic drug.

Showik Chakraborty, Rhea Chakraborty, Samuel Miranda and Dipesh Sawant have been arrested by the NCB in drugs controversy in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case. A special court is currently hearing Rhea and Showik’s bail plea in Mumbai.

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